Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bach remedies - Larch - for those who do not try

Larch, Larix decidua. Flowers in April. Imported to England for the wood's water resistant qualities for boat building. It is very important to find something you really like doing or people you really like being with. Sucess means much to us particularly when we are in the first third of our lives. For those who expect failure, lack confidence and the will to succeed, they never really try. ... AFFIRMATION: We choose the earthly occupation, and the external circumstances which will give us the best opportunities of testing us to the full: we come with the full realisation of our particular work: we come with the unthinkable privilege of knowing that all our battles are won before they are fought, that victory is certain before ever the test arrives, because we know that we are children of the Creator, and as such are Divine unconquerable and invincible." Dr Edward Bach
For those who fear failure so do not make a strong enough effort to succeed.

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