Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Famous places you can find Shirley Price Aromatherapy Oils - Africa and Asia

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I first came across the Serena group of 5 star hotels on a visit to the Amboseli Lodge a safari camp in Kenya.  A ranger took us for an unforgetable tour including being eyeballed by a Rhino who fortunately for us have poor vision!  I and my colleagues were in our twenties and working for KPMG who were retained by Sudan's central bank to assist deal with the IMF and World Bank.  These were gruelling trips working long hours but we had a great sense of commitment.  The work we did and the training we gave helped keep alive Sudans grant aid its principal source of foreign currency for food, energy and pharmaceuticals at a very difficult time.  For years afterward I received a card from the Banks deputy governor and the friendships we formed turned out to be lifelong.

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As an economist I have always been fascinated by economic development.  Like aromatherapy oils the Luxury hotels play an important part in bringing peace, prosperity and tranquility particularly to beautiful but troubled parts of the world. 

The Serena group in a notable commitment to the Afghan people have three luxury hotels planned.  The five-star Serena Hotel Kabul opened in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2005, and others are currently planned for the Afghan cities of Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat. On January 14th 2008, The Serena hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan was the target of insurgent attacks, including suicide bombers, machine gunners and grenadiers.  I dont talk about politics much though I do serve the Conservative Party as my father did in the UK.  I must confess my concern at the lack of respect for the UN system in the west rather than its celebration. What I have found personally is that as an agricultural visitor all over the world talking to farmers I am always welcome whatever the politics.  Never have I felt at risk.  There is an english saying that you really get to know someone during an exchange of blows.  Let us hope it is true and that peace comes to Afghanistan. 


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