Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Rose Window of York

With the family to York this weekend for the annual cycle show. When our students come over I say to them if they want to see the real England then take the train from London to York. The city still has its old quarter with cobbled streets.

1700 years ago York with its strategic location on the River Ouse was the headquarters of Rome's famous sixth legion. It was here that one of the most important figures in western civilisation Constantine was crowned emperor in the year 306. Constantine transformed the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium into a new imperial residence, Constantinople, todays Istanbul which would remain the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire for over one thousand years and so preserve greek culture into the modern era.

York is home to historic railway engines.  This amazing engine was made in 1907 for the Great Western railway.

York is home to the first translation of the bible into English by Coverdale

As you know I try to work Roses into my blog wherever I can. Pictured is the twelth century Rose window in York Cathedral. See more about western Rose windows.


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