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A candle can diffuse oils into the home but with young children they are obviousy a hazard.  Today we can create good feelings all around with economical and effective aromatherapy oil diffusers. They also serve as night lights and anti-pollen air purifiers trapping pollen particles.  Research done in the sixties also highlighted the number of particles in the air of the average home as a potential source of infection and allergy.

What are the differences between Ionisers, Purifiers and Vaporisers?

Ionisers The sensation of mountain fresh air, or that invigorating feeling just after a thunderstorm is created naturally with electrically charged molecules called negative ions. Ionisers re-create this environment cleaning the air in your home by releasing literally billions of these negatively charged ions. The result is the healthy, refreshing feeling found by a mountain stream or near a waterfall.

Purifiers Aroma-streams filter impurities and odours out of the air by drawing it through a replaceable filter. Filters have 5 layers of varying composition to filter out different sized particles. The Aroma-Stream uses a specially designed filter, an aromapad, to vaporise aromatherapy oils whilst also cleaning the air of impurities. Each aromapad is supplied unfragranced for you to choose the oil you wish to use to create your desired atmosphere.

Vaporisers Vaporisers gently warm aromatherapy oils to vaporise them in a controlled manner. The traditional method of heating aromatherapy oils in burners can cause the oil to get too hot very quickly thus changing the nature of the oil and, therefore, it's effect. The use of controlled temperature produces a clean oil vapour with the scent remaining true to the original oil. Some vaporisers incorporate the benefits of ionisation or air purification.

What are the benefits of using ionisers or purifiers to clean the air around us? The benefits of this clean, fresh air are numerous. No more depressing, stale or stuffy atmospheres. Smoke is cleared quickly bringing benefits to smokers and non-smokers alike. Sufferers of respiratory disorders and hay fever may find that their symptoms are reduced or alleviated. Dust, pollen and even bacteria are continuously cleared from the air of benefit to hayfever sufferers. Are they expensive to run? No. Why does the area around my ioniser get dusty? One effect of an Ioniser is that it attracts dust that would otherwise be inhaled. It is therefore recommended that you only place the Ioniser on or near surfaces which are easily cleaned. This is an inherent characteristic of all air Ionisers. We recommend that you regularly check surfaces and walls for dust deposition in a room where an Ioniser is operating.

Can Aroma-streams, vaporisers and ionisers be left running overnight? Yes, all of the purifiers, vaporisers and ionisers are designed to be safe if left running. In fact, we recomend ionisers are run constantly for maximum effect. Can the Aroma-streams be opened to be cleaned? No, all of our Aroma-streams are sealed units and should not need to be cleaned as long as they are always run with the air filters in place. The air filters can be replaced without opening the units.


Hayfever sufferers - pictures of pollen grains

Hay fever rates may triple between now and 2030 with half of Britons suffering from allergies to pollen, it has been suggested in a new report.

The NHS estimates around ten million people currently suffer symptoms of hay fever - such as sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes - in the spring and summer as grasses and trees release their pollen into the air.

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