Monday, 7 June 2010

Aromatherapy perfumes - Polo Dreams

This weekend I have been working away on our SHIRLEY PRICE perfumes.  Natural aromatherapy perfumes are ideal for christian and moslem customers alike.  Only a drop is needed to improve concentration, memory and confidence in the workplace.  To improve the skin we avoid alcohols used is traditional perfumes which dry the skin.

Instead we have as a base fine vegetable oils like jojoba, evening primrose and argan which are themselves when freshly made very good for looking after the skin particularly in hot countries like africa and asia.  We sell this base of oils under the NATURA by Essentia brand.  We utilise similar essential oils to those used in eau de colgne and traditional perfumes.  The results are stunning aromatherapy perfumes. 

For our day perfumes like VIRIDIS we also use essential oils known to reduce stressful feelings and reduce desire for customers who wish to wear a fine perfume in public but not attract unwelcome attention!!!
For men I have created POLO DREAMS.  This is a confidence giving and relaxing perfume.  Instead of alcohol and water the essential oils are held in a base of argentine jojoba, evening primrose and argan vegetable oils which add moisture and vitamins to the skin rather than dry it.  Again the emphasis is on essential oils known to improve memory and concentration for day use. 

The key base oil is jojoba fresh from the plantations of the worlds largest producer in the desert of North West Argentina.  SHIRLEY PRICE's reputation has been made by obtaining fresh plant oils direct from the manufacturers.  This is because many oils lose valuable properties after 18 months due to the oxidation of the vitamins and chemicals they contain.  When I met the general manager and his staff we immediately got on. 

Male skin is hardier than female skin so POLO DREAMS is available also in eau de cologne form to distributors order.  The POLO DREAMS bottle and package design is based on a photograph of I and my friends playing polo on the farm in argentina.


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