Monday, 28 June 2010

Differant countries, differant oils

Every province and country has its own particular essential oils.  England with its normally abundant rainfall is very good for growing herbs and there does exist distilling expertise to match particularly in essential oils used for flavourings.  China is particularly favoured for certain kinds of essential oil production.  In fact certain lavenders for example from Jilin province can give french produced lavender a run for its money.  This is because Jilin lies on the same lines of latitude as Southern France and so receives similar sunshine.  Sharing a border with North Korea  certainly makes for interesting times.  Sourcing oil from China has become much more consistent in the last 10 years with good science and growing expertise.  Yunnan in the far South West is home to many interesting oils and Yunnans relative  proximity to Northern Laos, Vietnam and Burma is interesting for essential oil sourcing.  Drought affects the farmers here as elsewhere and Yunnan has experienced a lengthy period of drought this year.


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