Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Revise - Normalising Diet, Nutrition, Exercise

What is the clients normal diet, normal nutrition, normal exercise?

Little by little do we become negligent of our health and adopt an increasingly sedentary lifestyle?

Is this routine leading to a sedentary lifestyle and unwelcome changes in bodyshape?

A key factor is physical activity.

You dont have to do a tremendous amount of physical activity for it to be effective.  The important thing is to get out of your chair and begin to move more and more often.

The activity pathway illustrated in Ken Fox's writing displays the move from a sedentary lifestyle, through increasing activity too an active lifestyle of a fit and healthy person and how the body changes shape accordingly.

It shows you that getting out of the armchair on a regular basis and taking those few steps to the newspaper shop or taking the dog out for a walk does make a difference.  If you can achieve a regular routine of activity, even 10 minutes a day, then you will expend energy and the body will adjust back to a fitter and healthier normality increasing your happiness and effectiveness and that of those around you.

To give yourself a goal look at triathlon athletes who run, swim and cycle.  Not everyone can or wants to achieve this level of fitness but it serves as an ideal and in studying it you may hit on your ideal exercise routine.
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Holistic therapy can be very helpful in encouraging and enabling clients to visualise a healthier and happier routine and leave persistent common ailments behind which if left untreated can lead to illness.  By following nature it is possible to achieve significant improvements in personal health, wealth and happiness for yourself and those around you. 

Even mild stress and depression, to which everyne is prone, are particularly destructive of family and work relationships if not understood and allowed for by family and colleagues as we make allowances for those around us.

Aromatherapy can awaken the sense of tuch and smell stimulating memory and improving concentration.  The success of this may mean clients may be more to examine their normal routines and try out adjusting them in particular increasing the amount of standing activity which does assist eliminate toxins which otherwise accumulate in the body in fat tissue.

Of course client beliefs are their own and must be respected.  If a client wishes to change their general health for the better a number of mental exercises can be done in the course of a consultation.  For example

Input.  How would you demonstrate how little daily energy the body needs, particularly as we age?

Fasting is not just for religious people.  Could you demonstrate the effect of giving up comfort shopping and stimulants, turning off the tv or internet by agreeing an annual regular 'fast' of two weeks as a trial?  Try it yourself first!

Attitude to future illness.  How would you reassure the client that most people live long and healthy lives only becoming seriously ill in the last months of their life?

What activity suits them?  eg http://www.bikeweek.org.uk/

If you are ill then diet, nutrition and exercise will not make you well.  Ilness should be taken to an MD.  Poor diet, nutrition and exercise routines becoming your routine are a big factor in weakening our defences against illness and prevention is much better than a cure.  Raising activity is about a gradual progression, increasing the amount of mental and physical exercise you do bit by bit over a period of months, even years.


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