Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Revision Time - Politics and regulations

Now lets revise the politics and regulations that affect aromatherapy.

What is politics about?  Here is the Sp staff's only political post of 2010. Aromatherapy fearlessly enters the area of sex and religion but politics only rarely!!  I am concious though that our blog is read in 40 countries around the world so here are a few simple words of wisdom on todays news that the UK has a new Conservative prime minister and some 'safe' words about politics of the last century.

In a Conservative and Liberal Coalition the views of the majority of the UK electorate are represented. The Liberals may only have 51 MPs but 6.5million votes were cast for that party nationally. In our Leicestershire and Northamptonshire constituencies the Coalition commands much of the vote.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to serve as a local Conservative Party boss for 4 years as a constituency area chairman.  Our party had 16 seats out of 34 on the local Council and when my term ended four years later we had 30. In 2002/3 the local papers were good enough to publish fourteen letters from me opposing the case put for the second Gulf War. In 2004 I was on the front line and received a policemans baton over the head though I wore a neutral 'stewards' tabard keeping the two sides apart in a violent political demonstration before Parliament. You can be Liberal and a Conservative too and a bit of an activist.

The Conservative Party which is overwhelmingly English has in fact been in constant coalition only losing power when it forgot that simple fact and lost representation in Scotland and Wales, a position the new Coalition corrects. The Conservatives most successful leader in the democratic era was in fact a Unionist MP called Stanley Baldwin who was four times prime minister and retired in Churchill's words loaded with honours and with the praise of a grateful nation ringing in his ears.  The anger at defeat in France and terrible aerial bombing caused Baldwin to be a scapegoat for many so he is not much talked about today.  As Churchill knew the RAF did not spring fully armed from nothing and much was owed to his predecessors programmes, foresight and character in attracting capable individuals to positions of responsibility.

A politician needs to be able to see both sides of a question but still choose to do the right thing.  Asked to act as a reference for a Conservative candidate, my son's school headmaster, I readily agreed and lent him a book of Baldwin's speeches which continue to define both Englishness and the world view which prevails among much of the world and certainly prevailed in the testing time of the 1940s. It is a view that owes much to ancient Greece.  The Greeks doubted whether truthful communication and therefore democracy was possible in an assembly of more than 4000 voters. Now much of the world meets in democratic debate in which a contrary view is tolerated and autocracy is rare.

What are your political views for example on recycling and are you prepared to have those views questioned and obey the rules?  In England they say you are free to do as you like as long as you do as you told!

All the best for the new era.

Now to the regulations you need to know.
Can I call my oil Organic?  An email

Hi ***

SP sont membres de l'Association des sols et sous réserve de sa vérification afin que nos étiquettes peuvent légitimement décrire nos huiles biologiques. Je suis d'accord la plupart des entreprises décrivent leurs huiles organiques, quand ils ne sont pas. Ils ne peuvent décrire leurs huiles biologiques s'ils sont membres de la Soil Association. En fait, nous sont si transparentes que nous disons à nos clients le lieu de beaucoup de nos huiles proviennent de la Biolandes et les coopératives Golgemma en France. Nous n'utilisons pas le label bio de facturer un prix élevé. Notre politique de prix est fixé par rapport à nos coûts afin de nombreuses huiles organiques notre prix est inférieur à ce responsable d'autres sociétés pour les huiles conventionnelles.

Sp are members of the Soil Association and subject to its audit so our labels may legitimately describe our oils as organic.  I agree most companies decribe their oils as organic when they are not.  They can only describe their oils as organic if they are members of the Soil Association.  In fact we are so transparent we tell our customers the place many of our bulk oils come from the Biolandes and Golgemma cooperatives in France.  Nor do we use the organic label to charge a high price.  Our pricing policy is set in relation to our costs so for many organic oils our price is below what other companies charge for conventional oils.

hahahahaha and I found an English site that does the ET organic cons by the question I ask myself is "is that we should not put our own label by adding the name of the supplier in which case
we can mark "organic" label Live "????

hahahahaha et j'ai trouvé un site anglais qui ne fait que les he bio par contre la question que je me pose c'est "est ce que l'on ne devrait pas mettre notre propre etiquette en ajoutant le nom du fournisseur dans quel cas on pourra marquer"bio" direct sur l'étiquette"????

Hi, thankyou for your enquiry
no problem its ok to write in french
the site is www.shirleyprice.net, the password is***
assuring you of the best of our attention at all times


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