Sunday, 30 May 2010

A grand day out - Baddesley Clinton

Just a few miles from Birmingham is Baddesley Clinton.

I was lucky to be brought up and live in Shakespeares Country, Warwickshire, England which has many hidden treasures like this in the ancient Forest of Arden.  It amazes me that yesterday I and my family were the only ones watching this scene today peaceably sitting by the moatside.

As you can see this year with a lot of spring sunshine the wysteria and clematis are in fine form and well worth the trip to see.

Theres an excellent wooded lake as well which is an easy and enjoyable walk around particularly for kids.

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There are many famous Shakespeare quotations.  Shakespeare's plays are always on my table.

One of the important strengths of Warwickshire is the quality of the education. I attended school in Leamington Spa before winning a place at the famous Rugby School. Today Leamington is an important retail centre and you can find Shirley Price Aromatherapy oils at t3 which is situated opposite Neals Yard Remedies shop.  t3 is home to 14 practising complementary therapists.

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