Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Natural perfumes in Jojoba oil

I find knowledge of perfume oils an excellent way of teaching aromatherapy chemistry as the students mind is so focussed on the end product how to get there becomes interesting and memorable!

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here is a useful resourceThe Perfumers Workbook free download
go to your C: drive and create a new folder C:workbook, the download then proceeds smoothly

An excellent start is to buy the precious oils as 5% or 25% ready mixed blends of 10ml size in Jojoba oil.


The following sample mixtures to guide your first steps into natural perfume making are all based on 0.33 fl oz or 10ml of jojoba. The amounts given are in drops.

15 cedarwood5 sandalwood5 rosewood or equivalent2 lemongrass

4 neroli4 rose4 rosewood or equivalent4 cedarwood

SWEET, slightly aphrodisiac
4 jasmine4 ylang8 rosewood or equivalent1 vanilla4 neroli

REFRESHING, not aphrodisiac
10 bergamot5 melissa10 pettigrain5 verbena

HEAVY, exotic, aphrodisiac
10 patchouli8 frankincense6 ylang4 jasmine

STRONG manly, aphrodisiac15 sandalwood5 carrot seed3 ylang1 clove

10 carrot seed10 patchouli5 ylang5 cypress

Ref: Keller Aromatherapy Handbook pages 172-173


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