Monday, 24 May 2010

Aromatherapy - 'Just' stress relief?

Stressed teachers 'are time bombs'

A teacher spared jail after beating a 14-year-old pupil with a dumbbell has warned that "lots of teachers are ticking time bombs" because of stress at school.

Peter Harvey, 50, attacked the boy at All Saints' Roman Catholic School in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, after repeatedly being taunted by pupils in his science class.
Last month jurors at Nottingham Crown Court took just an hour to clear him of attempted murder or intending to cause serious injury, and on Tuesday he was given a two-year community order for causing grievous bodily harm without intent.

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What a sad tale.  I have tried to breathe life into the periodic table above.  Most teachers try to breathe life into the tedium of teaching disinterested kids by reacting magnesium with oxygen.  I am guilty too.  We baited our Latin teacher mercilessly once we realised he had a sensitive soul. He wisely gave us our moment of victory so we went back to baiting each other.  If we had listened we could have understood that the chemical symbols take the name of the elements except those in Latin.  Pb = lead (plumbum), Fe = iron (ferrum), Na = sodium (natrium) K=potassium (kalium).  Get your revenge make your own latin names up and ask your chemistry teacher what curium, argentium and aurium are. He may know or guess but dont drive him to assault you.


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