Monday, 24 May 2010

A lady skepchick

er wasnt it critical thinking by skepchicks around the world that said unrestricted allopathic medicine and the pharma industrial complex around the world that is making our children and husbands very very very ill? er incidence of cancer and allopathic medical use?  er incidence of surgery introduced infection?  Ooooo despite being statistics biggest correlation universewide theres not many research dollars for that one I think!!  mere coincidence?  In fact even the humblest of intervention has its potential costs see Lighthouse Foundation. 

Not that natural products are not chemicals.  They are so there must be equal enthusiam for knowledge of contraindications and safe use as for indications of use that can be of benefit.  We need to keep our sceptical head on.

Maybe we are entering a new age in which rationality counts to more that 4% of the population.
Its not so long ago that only 4% of the UK population had the vote because it was thought only 4% could use their vote rationally.  This UK election proves we've come a long way since then but there is an irrationality in human affairs which we cannot ignore.  Lets remember out this strangeness good and novel things may come. 

keep your skepchick head on out there.

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about MDs who give you the facts and leave the choice to you

Sorry you anti CAM guys cant cite this lady she is rational.  Do better.  Its perfectly rational to talk about mind body and spirit and the limits of present understanding and infinite extent of future understanding to do otherwise is to confuse the young and deny history.  The world 200 years ago was a very differant place and the world 200 years hence will be equally if not not more so. 


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