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6. Anger vs Tranquility

Human values

Anger is the greatest motivator of all.  This is why politicians of left and right seek to stir up anger an preach violence against a privileged social class or minority racial group.

We dont often celebrate the men of peace in troubled times as politicians.  Personally I like to look back to the words and actions of British Premier Stanley Baldwin at the time of the rise of Stalin and Hitler.

In our time perhaps within months there could be nuclear armed conflict with Iran.  Lets look back to the last time human civilisation faced the peril of global war and obliteration and the run up to that.

In the UK 1931 general election the Conservative Party achieved 470 seats, 76% of the total under the leadership of Stanley Baldwin.  Following the advent of Stalin in 1928 and Hitler in 1932 the mood in europe quickly darkened and europe was again divided into two armed camps at war.

24 Oct 1933- Winston Churchill, addressing the House of Commons, gives an early warning on the shape of things to come by stating that Germany is well on the way to becoming the most heavily armed nation in the world. This prophetic statement is remarkable in that Germany was still bound by the Treaty of Versailles banning it from re-arming itself after the end of World War I. timeline_1930-1939_Gauntlet Germany did not officially declare formation of the Luftwaffe until March 1935.

 March 1934- Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, assures the House of Commons that should the Geneva Disarmament Conference fail, Britain would take steps to organise an Air Disarmament Conference. Should that fail, then the strength of the RAF would be increased to match that of the strongest air arm within striking distance of the UK.

 July 1934- A major expansion of the RAF is announced, with the number of Home Defence squadrons increased from 52 to 75, and bringing the total first-line strength to 128 squadrons within five years.

 22 May 1935- The British Government votes to treble the number of frontline military aircraft available to defend U.K. soil. This adds up to an increase of 1500 aircraft of all types.

In the UK 1935 general election of 14 November 1935 the issue of rearmament (guns or butter) was put directly to the people.  The new striking power of aerial bombardment had become apparent and the will to use it was evident.  In 1934 Baldwin began to speak of the peril of aerial bombardment and act to expand the RAF equipping it with bases and modern aircraft.

In the 1935 election he said "The whole world is watching this election because in this election democracy itself is on trial.  Are we prepared to make sacrifices for democracy?  It is the duty to show the world that the democracy of this old country whose people are steeped in the traditions of freedom, can pursue a constant course, that they can make up their minds and will be as resolute as any dictatorship as have ever existed."   Baldwin got his mandate for rearmament at a time when many were for unilateral disarmament.  Born 3 August 1867 Baldwin was then 68 and retired in 1937.


Impatience, fury, rage, aggression, madness, criminality


Patience, Gentleness, Composure, Kindness, Peacefulness, Serenity.

C6 is related to the gastro-intestinal system.  Can persistent anger acidify the body damaging the intestinal flora?  Gut flora

Here we come to the issue of antibiotics both as medicine and found in food.  As we age there is a strong argument for the elimination of dairy and red meat from the diet because of their antibiotic content.  Can imbalance in the gut flora effect the immune system resulting in autoaggressive immune responses by the body crushing everything in its way?  Here we can see that fasting would be of real benefit to the body.

Our life energy strengthens the heart against destruction and injustice. Through our social intelligence we can defeat evil however focussed and well resourced. Evil destruction eventually shatters itself against the united strong tranquil heart. The moral is as to the material as three is to one where our aims are good.

 By doing the wrong thing we turn against ourselves. The autoaggression that follows springs from a lack of self care and self love. Anger defeats itself.

 Mind, body and spirit can be seen to be inseprable.  Diet, exercise and self care are keys to health - longer lives and happier lives and the key control mechanism is the mind - the brain, the spinal chord and nerves sending and receiving information and instructions to every part of the body.  Our internal environment is as important to us as our external environment. A moody body is just as troubling to our minds as a moody colleague, neighbour or partner.

Ian Brealey
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