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Overall aims of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy College Diploma


what treatments do professional aromatherapists offer?

Overall Aim of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma course.
The accredited course seeks to provide education and training opportunities in
developing a proficient professional aromatherapist who has the ability to work within
both the field of complementary and contemporary health care settings. The course
will provide the student aromatherapist with the opportunity for self development and
facilitate an awareness of the importance of evidence based practice within the field
of Aromatherapy.
General Learning Outcomes of the course.
Knowledge and Understanding (theory) Outcomes.
• Develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of
Aromatherapy from a historical and philosophical perspective.
• Explore and develop an in depth understanding of the art and science of using
aromatic materials safely, in a range of therapeutic treatments.
• Examine the concept of health, illness, a range of medical conditions and the
factors which may impact upon Aromatherapy as a therapeutic intervention.
• Develop an in depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the
human body in relation to a range of body work techniques in Aromatherapy.
• Identify and evaluate the necessary skills to assess individual needs and the
implementation of appropriate treatment, based on sound research-based
• Recognise and critically appraise the importance of personal and professional
development and the need for life long learning in a critical and systematic
• Explore and discuss the socio-economic and political factors from a national
and local perspective. Practice/Ability Outcomes.
• Apply a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Aromatherapy in
assessing the needs of the individual.
• Demonstrate and justify the use of a  variety of therapeutic skills within a
chosen practice setting.
• Create a safe and appropriate working environment, taking into account the
socio-economic and political influences which may impact on professional
• Utilise reflective practice and the use of personal and professional
development within the boundaries of client management.
• Demonstrate and utilise knowledge of an evidence base to support decisions
for chosen Aromatherapy treatment plans.
Course Components.
Aromatherapy Syllabus. (120 hours)
Therapeutic Massage Syllabus. (60hours)
Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus.(50 hours)

Case Studies. In addition theory/class contact hours at least 4 hourly treatment
sessions on 10 clients is required, totalling no less than 60 hours.
Massage Practice.  At least 5 full body massages on 10 clients is also required.
Both case studies and massage practice should be recorded in a practice portfolio
which will be part of the practical examination

Shirley Price Aromatherapy video

AROMATHERAPY Aromatherapy is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary therapies available to combat the stresses and strains of modern day life. Join Victoria Sprigg, a holistic therapist, as she uses an amazing variety of essential oils to treat both physical and psychological conditions. This programme is an ideal guide for anyone who would like to give aromatherapy a try. SWISS REFLEX Applied to the feet in order to access the body, Swiss Reflex enables therapists to diagnose and treat specific difficulties by pinpointing areas on the feet which correspond to the body as a whole. The benefits are remarkable and Victoria Sprigg deals with a variety of conditions from chronic backache to a sluggish digestive system, demonstrating techniques that can be tried at home to bring relief and relaxation in equal measure. SWEDISH MASSAGE Swedish massage is one of the most effective ways of promoting good health. It has evolved into a natural therapy, a complementary treatment for the many ills of everyday life. In this programme, watch Victoria Sprigg demonstrate a full body massage in order to treat a variety of health problems. Study the methods she uses whilst the basic scientific principles behind many of the techniques are explained. Each DVD also available separately.


August 2012
31st-2nd 1st International Congress of Aromatherapy, Kyoto, Japan. Details:www.ica2012.jp/english/greeting.html
September 2012
7th-10th Botanica 2012 Press Release, International Conference of clinical aromatherapy and plant theraputics
October 2012
6th IFPA Annual Conference & Trade Show, Hilton Hotel, Watford. For further details please visit the conference page on this website.
20th-21st Camexpo, London. Details: www.camexpo.co.uk

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