Friday, 13 April 2012

Understanding holism so is it the fate of humanity to lurch from one war to the next or is international conflict resolution possible? Can power be shared? Is it possible to do away with prejudices of nationality, of race, of religion, or nationality. Is there a oneness of the human world? I have certainly been brought up to think so. We may call it holism and those who live it holistic.  

Science can shatter everything into a thousand pieces in order to better understand it but it comes from a holistic whole. 

 “Chinese medicine has a much more down to earth and immediately
understandable vision of what causes joint pain and what you can do for it. Most
of us on hearing that the most probable initial event in OA (osteoarthritis) is the
mitosis of the chondrocyte with increased synthesis of proteoglycans and type II
collagen, won’t have the foggiest notion of what this means on an everyday level
and what we ourselves can do about this. Traditional Chinese Medicine . . . is
based on a vision of the human body as a microcosmic miniature of the natural
world. Therefore, the language of Chinese medicine is the language we use
everyday to describe events in the world around us. More importantly, using this
language, we are empowered to take charge of our own lives and well-being so
that whether we experience pain and discomfort becomes a function of how we
live our life.” (Flaws and Frank, 2006)

How may one convey the concept of qi? Pattern
discrimination for managing chronic disease?

TCM diagnosis consists in tracing symptoms to an underlying disharmony pattern, mainly by palpating the pulse and inspecting the tongue.

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April 28, 2009.
• Flaws, Bob and Douglas Frank. Curing Arthritis Naturally with Chinese Medicine. Blue
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Essential oils may well bring happiness and greater enjoyment of life, peace to a troubled mind or body, makes our homes safer and more hygienic, calm to the streets and make peace among nations but remember - If you are ill see a doctor!!

Ian Brealey

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