Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Student handouts - A4 Chemistry/Botany

A4 Chemistry/Botany Students Handout
Where I can I like to get the rote learning onto a single side of A4. 

The classification by chemical families linking to relaxing, stimulating etc goes back to L'Aromatherapie Exactement Piere FrancHomme and Dr Daniel Penoel, via our Shirley Price College lecture notes feeding back practice from the aromatherapists, Katja Svoboda, Rosemary Caddy (her excellent book is Essential Oils in Colour), Battaglia.

Besides these sources I use supplier certificates of analysis and MSDS sheets - anywhere I can derive the summary info. 

Properties. The next stage once you have settled on your oils is to ascribe the mental and bodily properties ascribed to them by the Congress of Grasse. 

These are very well summarised in the Shirley Price books. The 2011 edition of Aromatherapy for Health Professionals benefits from a CD with EO information on. This book also benefits from contributions from other practitioners, researchers and educators like Rhiannon Harris. 

Ian Brealey

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