Thursday, 19 April 2012

Music for aromatherapy - another keynote - Rocking on with Joe Pickering

Coffee today with an authentic voice of Rock, Musician Joe Pickering from Leicester.  How is it that so many great musicians young and old whose names go around the world come from Leicester and the Black Country?

Joe brought me upto speed with his interests.  He is working for the Voala Project, based in Alicante, Spain, work that takes him all round Europe performing.

We got chatting about the essential oils and human moods and our work with mental health.  Very soon we were in a discussion which went way over my head!!  I had always associated Rock with the scent of diesel and combat gloves but of course it spans the scale of human emotions and mood.  Great rock musicians love the classics for themselves and do weave them into their keyboard compositions.

It turns out Joe as a vocalist, writer and musician covers a number of genres and finds Rock works well with colour and dance. Theres no reason it should work with the sense of smell.  Essential oils particular those used for sensory therapy for the mind, the stronger aromas, span the musical scale.

The idea in our work is to allow emotions, particularly strong traumatic ones which we all feel at some point in our lives, their proper and controlled expression not to douse them in sedative chemicals.  Taking a self harming individual and allowing them to get their own lives back using aromatherapy is one of the highest uses of the essential oils.  Communication by the sense of smell when other forms of communication are unavailable or too painful.  Putting that to music seems a good accompaniment to our work.

Look out for Joe and his rocking mood music inspired by the essential oils and those who love them.  We are going to start with those essential oils used in classic perfumery and go from there seeing what music they inspire in Joes musical mind.

If you associated aromatherapy with relaxing ocean sounds and going to sleep I have a feeling its about to get a whole lot more interesting than that.  Wish us luck!


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