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Shirley Price Aromatherapy Training FAQs

Who leads the college?

The principal tutor is Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA a fellow of the Federation of the Holistic Therapists who after training with Shirley Price became her college tutor, is a past aromatherapy federation president and author Jan has pursued a career in complementary and beauty education mastering many complementary modalities and is described as a motivational by her outstanding peers.  Holistic therapists have a lifelong relationship with those who train them and the choice of tutor is an important one.  The right tutor will give you the confidence, skills and motivation to pursue a rewarding professional career.  The worldwide tutor group comprises many outstanding individuals who trained with Shirley Price.  In this way the Shirley Price Aromatherapy has come to be known as the most respected qualification in aromatherapy and holistic skincare.  The college secretary is Rosie Brandrick, herself a qualified beauty therapist.

Sue Jenkins BSc MIFPA is academic lead and  delivers the module five IFPA membership upgrade for those with prior learning or who have complete modules one to four of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma with Jan Benham.  This is followed by an independant practical and theory examination.

How long has Shirley Price Aromatherapy maintained an aromatherapy training college?

37 years

how many alumni do you have?

Over 6000 in 40 countries worldwide.  Some 300 are practicing members belonging to IFPA, the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

Do you support aromatherapy research?

Yes we are pleased to co-sponsor the Robert Tisserand weekend seminar to be held at Warwick University on May 12,13.  A seminar booklet is being published with contributions from leading international aromatherapists. Some famous and new names across the spectrum of aromatherapy!! This is free to those booking before 31st December 2011.

Do you offer a distance learning course?

Yes, supplied with books, materials and DVDs.  This is particularly suited to overseas students and tutored by Sara Gelzer MIFPA who enjoy full online support.

Can trainees get IFPA membership? 

The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma is accredited both by IFPA and by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.  We are happy to preserve the holistic nature of our training.  The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Practicioner Diploma has always included not only massage and aromatherapy but also holistic skincare and an appreciation of other complementary therapies like reflexology.  We are mindful that our students want to emerge as practicioners able to make a successful independant living on the high street rather than the more clinical aromatherapy focus of IFPA training.

Have you sought other bodies accreditation?

Who the tutors accredit to whether IFPA/IFA/NAHA etc depends on their individual professional relationships and friendships in their countries. 

Who are the tutors?

Tutors of the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy are Jan Benham MIFPA, Jan's teaching link is JanBenham.co.uk,  Sue Jenkins MIFPA is academic lead.  Sue's college link is here.

Who are the owners of Shirley Price Aromatherapy?

PI Brealey BSc FCA, Dr Manjit Jaspal MBBS and their families.  George Brealey is technical Manager of the essential oil and aromatherapy product supply business.   Both Ian and Dr Jaspal have extensive other business and professional activities but show a keen interest in supporting professional aromatherapy.

Have you formed an organisation called ISPA?

No this is incorrect sorry if you read it written by people who do know better.  ISPA, the International Society for Professional Aromatherapy is the business name and logo associated with the Shirley Price Aromatherapy spring festival events and publications held around the world by Shirley Price Aromatherapy and its representatives, aromatherapy publications and events on matters which are of interest to Shirley Price college alumni, practicioners, educators and researchers. Watch out for future events in Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Beijing.

ISPA is not a national practicioner membership or accrediting body like IFPA/IFA/NAHA and many others doing great work worldwide and should not be confused with the International Society of Professional Aromatherapists founded by Shirley Price.  Still nice to honour her memory.  The idea of ISPA is to provide a constructive non partisan forum in which outstanding international aromatherapists can speak and meet in a non partisan collegiate seminar style to further aromatherapy education worldwide.

Naturally holistic therapists form a bond with those who train them which lasts a lifetime.  This is both a strength by also a potential weakness of holistic therapies leading unless noble aims are pursued to non communication of valuable information and progress.  ISPA provides a non partisan forum with support from Shirley Price Aromatherapy and its representives to bring everyone across the spectrum of aromatherapy and aromatherapy organisations together in a non partisan way.

Who is Shirley Price?

Shirley Price founded Shirley Price Aromatherapy in 1974 and sold the company in 1998.  She co-founded The Aromatherapy Council 'AC' the lead body for the aromatherapy profession, she co-founded two of the bodies which belong to the AC, IFPA and the IFA.  Shirley Price also co-founded the Aromatherapy Trades Council an association of essential oil suppliers specialising in the supply of essential oils particularly for aromatherapy.

Are you busy?

Very!  Our representatives in Beijing recently opened an IFA accredited college in Beijing with help from Julie Foster MIFA.  Good luck Aromatime!


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