Sunday, 16 October 2011

Essential oils and Ageing

For the lucky majority we preserve a youthful maturity and capacity for physical exercise and mental work well into old age.  We do not succomb to old age until the last.  In fact for many a good state of health and work is maintained right up until the last two weeks of life.  While vigilence is necessary we need not be preoccupied with our health.  Diet, exercise, the lottery of life and our genetic inheritance are the main factors. 

Maintaining that mature youthfulness of the skin is the preoccupation of the beauty industry and those who use its creams and gels and lotions and of the mind the perfume industry while flavour enhances our day to day experience of life.

The minority who are not so lucky are kept in the game of life with ever increasing success by advances in medical and surgical interventions. A good friend who I have known all my life is a brain surgeon working non invasive miracles with lasers.

With this increasing success has come an extension, a new lease on life of years and decades for that minority but bringing with it new challenges.  Aromatherapists are dedicated specialists who study and apply essential oils.  In all these areas essential oils derived from plants play their part in maintaining that state of mature youthfulness as the years go on.

"one reason I am dwelling on the perfume at the moment is to gain a better understanding of emotions and needs and how essential oils affect who we think we are/ who we would like to be and our energy and creativity and the use of this in revitalisation, healing and maintaining health and happiness. i think it fascinating that a perfume can go into a bottle be comprised of synthetics in large measure and last in effect on the emotions for years while the creamy freshness of essential oils, what aromatherapists call the life force of the plant, fades over 12 months. clearly chemicals oxidise in this period and the information they convey of the vibrancy and need of the plant for life, for sunlight, water and minerals goes with them."


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