Sunday, 16 October 2011

The art of perfume blending

And so to London on the 15th October to Karen Gilbert's class.!/karengilbert

Author of A Green Guide to Natural Beauty. Natural Beauty and Perfumery Expert. Runs Perfumery Classes, Scent Events and Natural Beauty Product Making Classes.

This turned out to be well organised, expertly delivered class and a genuine learning experience.  A real appreciation of perfume blending was imparted in the day and everyone left with their own particular creation and understanding of how perfumers painstakingly build up their accords.  The materials from Alec Lawless were flawless and the students themselves included aromatherapists, essential oil suppliers, hobbyists, product designers wanting a better appreciation of essential oils and blending.

Karen is running classes throughout 2012. The next one is on 28th January in London. see

Students included Andrea Palluch, BSc, MSc MIFPA a biochemist and aromatherapist.,

For my part I wanted a wider appreciation and understanding beyond the blending of a top middle and base notes in aromatherapy blends so that the oils chosen may not only have the required properties the condition indicates but also blend harmoniously when inhaled so causing the treatment to be continued.  As an aside on properties it is important to bear in mind that the properties ascribed to essential oils in the textbooks that have been determined by the Congress of Grasse and generally refer to essential oils used under medical supervision in far higher concentrations than is safe to avoid the risk of skin sensitisation and also to essential oils which are natural and not synthetic and prepared using traditional methods to produce the correct natural chemistry in an oil.

Obviously to create a true perfume that anyone would wear for the pleasure of the fragrance and to last all day there must be added synthetic ingredients which are outside the scope of aromatherapy but this was a naturals class so particularly suitable for aromatherapists practicioners, educators and researchers

I found myself in a group with Susan and Sacha and we set to work under Karens guidence.  Susan and Sacha too were delighted with the expert class and considered the time and cost of attending money very well spent as I do.  Face to Face tuition from an expert brings the recommended books to life.

An added bonus for the day was that Jonathan Hinde who distributes Oshadi Oils in the UK was there and brought along many oils which you do not encounter everyday for those interested to smell.!/OshadhiOils

Alec Lawless has a 5 day class in November 2011 which is thoroughly recommended.


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