Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Shirley Price Aromahterapy Diploma is led by Jan Benham MIFPA FFHT.  To be honest the more I see of the FHT the better I like this organization however we have many friends and alumni in the IFA and IFPA and other organizations worldwide according to the affiliations of our tutors.

congratulations to the Shirley Price Aromatherapy representatives Aromatime, Beijing for achieving IFA School Accreditation 

The tutors of the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy train students for FHT/IFPA/IFA membership worldwide. The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma taught by Jam Benham MIFPA is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Jan also teaches the Holistic Skincare diploma and a variety of workshops spanning massage, reflexology, and the making of cosmetics from scratch at Shirley Price Aromatherapy. The 2012 aromatherapy diploma class is enrolling now!

Reaccreditation of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma with IFPA is in progress led by the schools academic lead Sue Jenkins MIFPA. Shirley Price Aromatherapy has also applied to be an IFPA CPD Centre. Sara Gelzer MIFPA tutors the school's international distance learning program which is very suitable for health professionals. An IFPA membership upgraede class is taught in August each year to coincide with the Aromatherapy Diploma examinations for those wanting IFPA Membership and to follow clinical aromatherapy.

There is no connection between the school and the founder Shirley Price who retired in 1998. Her daughter Penny Price left the school to found her own college and essential oil supply company in 2003 which is also Hinckley, UK based.  Her son matthew also works in the business publishing the IFPA magazine In Essence.

Shirley Price Aromatherapy is owned by the Brealey and Jaspal families. Ian Brealey has qualifications in science and business, buys the essential oils and handles college events and publications liasing with the 6000 Shirley Price college alumi worldwide some 300 of whom are aromatherapy federation members. George Brealey is technical manager. The factory in Hinckley continues to supply some 10,000 aroma items a month to iots worldwide customers. The support of aromatherapy education remains the Company's prime mission. Trademarks used on the companies labels are registered in various countries and include Shirley Price Aromatherapy, Essentia, Shirley Price and Lothian Herbs.

Events and publications are co-sponsored by the International Society for Professional Aromatherapy which is supported and owned by Shirley Price Aromatherapy. The society is not an organization as such but a marketing identity for publications and international events.  This is not an organisation certainly is not a practicioner or accrediting organization,  ISPA events allow contributors from the many various national and international federations across the spectrum of aromatherapy from complementary, beauty and sports to meet and learn in independent forums and encourage authorship and sharing of research and practice and of course make friends!

As regards Federation membership and accrediting organisations The Aromatherapy Council (AC) is the lead body for the UK Aromatherapy profession setting standards for education. Shirley Price co-founded the International Society of Professional Aromatherapists (ISPA) which merged to form IFPA in 2003. Shirley Price also co-founded the International Federation of Aromatherapists which actively accredits international aromatherapy training colleges. Both federations have a strong educational mission and are registered UK charities. Federation members meet in October each year in an annual conference in London and UK towns. Shirley Price also co-founded the Aromatherapy Trades Council a grouping of essential oils suppliers committeed to high standards of essential oil sourcing.

Shirley Price Aromatherapy and Lothian Herbs. (we are known as Lothian Herbs in Scotland, Eire and Europe since the two companies merged in 1998).  We are long term Soil Association licencees and proud to maintain organic standards.


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