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I'm thrilled to announce that the Online Seminars you've been so patiently waiting for are now ready to launch with a series of three Online Seminars over the next three months, beginning Wednesday October 26th, 2011!
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If you have been hoping for a chance to attend one of my seminars, here's an opportunity to learn from me directly with no travel hassle and no travel cost! All Online Seminars are open to anyone anywhere in the world, but you cannot use a phone line - only VOIP: computer-based voice/video. All Online Seminars will also be recorded for future purchase, but the advantage of attending live is that you get to participate!
I promised ONE FREE ONLINE SEMINAR to the attendees of my talk at theHandcrafted Soapmaker's Guild Annual Conference in Miami this past May, so if you were there, EMAIL ME for a coupon code!

Essential Oils I: Formation and Extraction
October 26, 2011 – 3:00pm PST – $39

How plants biosynthesize the constituents of an essential oil. Oil glands (trichomes): appearance and functions. Why plants make essential oils: protection from disease, pollinator attraction, herbivore deterrent, plant-to-plant signaling. Methods of extraction: distillation, fractional distillation, CO2 extraction, solvent extraction (absolutes). Seminar attendees will gain valuable insight into why essential oils exist, how they are formed in the plant, changes that take place during distillation, and the differences between the various extraction processes, especially essential oils and CO2 extracts.
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Essential Oils II: Constituent Chemistry
November 9, 2011 – 3:00pm PST – $39

The 14 classes of essential oil constituent, what a typical essential oil contains, how it is analyzed. Chemotypes, botanical species and environment: how these affect essential oil composition. Major constituents of common essential oils. The “functional group” hypothesis 20 years on: why we need to be wary of generalizations. Constituent chemistry and function: how they relate. Some important therapeutic and toxicologic properties of specific constituents. Seminar attendees will come away with a good basic understanding of essential oil constituents and their various functions.
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Essential Oils III: Quality Issues
December 14, 2011 – 3:00pm PST – $39

The differences between an essential oil and a fragrance oil. The factors that determine essential oil quality. Contamination, adulteration, oxidation. How to find good quality essential oils. The various “grading” systems. Seminar attendees will acquire important guidelines on how to find good quality essential oils without over-paying, and will learn vital information about essential oil oxidation and antioxidants, and how to preserve the therapeutic integrity of an essential oil.
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