Saturday, 12 January 2013

the medicine of beauty

Medicine and drugs are an aid in the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all people as is education for current health issues, proper food supplies and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, an environment as free as possible of harmful pesticides, maternal and child health, immunization against major infectious diseases, and the prevention and control of diseases.

Now imagine a world in which you wanted to take a flight.  You go to the airport and you find there is just one airline desk.  You went there in anticipation of taking a flight to New York at a certain time.  You remember you went to the airport once before with your parents and you distinctly remember there were then a number of airline desks.  You were told that those desks had been closed because they werent really airlines.

"You see people in the old days believed there were mental, bodily, heart and spiritual needs but then we realised there were only bodily needs and so we needed only one airline to convey your body to where we want to go."

"So I dont get a choice?"  "Not any more."

Now by this time you are alarmed.  "Who are we"

"The 'pilots' of course".

"Now look" you say "I want whoever to fly the plane to be qualified and competant but I dont want them to run the airline...............OK how much is it going to cost?" 

"All your money in fact I dont think you can afford to fly and probably wont want to."

"How come its got so expensive?

"Well when the pilots took over the airline they gave themselves a massive pay rise and said we couldnt hire any more pilots than they said the airline could and they had to pay them the same money.  They like fridays off too."

"But I want to get to New York."

"We arent going to New York today anyway its friday and the pilots want to go to Paris for a long weekend.  You want to go there?"

"And the pilots decide what time the plane goes, where it goes and whether it goes at all?"

"You got it."

At this point I guess you would leave the airport.

Now lets assume you didnt leave but went to Paris instead.  You see you had already given all your spare money in taxes since air travel got taken over by the Government so it was your right to fly.  Even though you wanted to go to new York.

The flight was late taking off because they had to wait for the inflight meal to arrive from the caterers.  The caterers werent sure where the plane was going and when it was taking off but once they knew they pulled out all the stops.

Then the food arrives and you say to the flight attendent.

"You know they last time I flew I distinctly remember being served a meal.  This is a box of pills."

"Well you'll need those given what you were saying."  "Why?"  Well you are going somewhere you dont want to go and you have no idea when you are going to make it back. You've got no money,  you've been told you have no mind, no spirit and no heart. You must be anxious.  We sure all are.  You know since the pilots took over the competance has plummeted.  They are just too busy to fly the plane,  So many people suing.  Those that survive the crashes anyway,"

"Dont bother," says the guy next to you "The pills gave me a blinding headache.  Took care of the anxiety though."

"Cant I just have a meal?"

"No money for a meal." said the attendant.  "We spend all that on the pills."

"Things seemed to be a lot better when there were several airlines."  "Funny you know we all say that" said the attendant.  "Even the pilots.  Thats why they need fridays off.  The stress is terrible."

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