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Life force

Life force is a good description, for some oils this is equivalent to the old latin phrase MARTI PATRI PROPVGNATORI 'father mars who fights for us' for example Basil and Black Pepper. Essential oils are non polar volatiles which are poorly soluble in polar water. They mostly act on the internal and external skin and on the mind via olfaction and are carried through the air not water. The best way to see essential oils as they first evolved is perhaps to look at a pine tree and see the resin exuding from the fissured bark to protect the tree against opportunist insects.

 In Correspondence

R.  Ian, I love you brother but we will have to agree to disagree. I can't sign on to the idea of the essential oil being the "life blood" or the "life force" or anything else to do with the word life. Essential oils are not ALIVE (yes I know some of you out there believe this). They are also not responsible for the life giving forces of the plant. The plants are alive before they start producing oil. The oil is not the force of their life but a result of it. The oil comes as an end result of its life processes. Does that mean the oil is not an essential (pun intended) part of the plants survival? Of course not. But we have to stop with this romantic idea just because its a good marketing tool. I don't believing in brushing up as close as we can to fairy tale as possible, just to make our existing literature more palatable. If we all make a conscious effort to divorce ourselves from the silliness of this language the better off others coming along will be for being able to discern the truth from the lies of the charlatan. Trying to "sort of" keep the same language will only confuse people and this myth will never be stamped out. So I challenge you, even if you have to make some changes in the way you present things, lets make a clean break from this and completely separate ourselves from the deceivers out there.
M.  R, if you state that they are the life blood (or life force?) of the plant it's an easy step to how they have such a high vibration. (think I need to duck and run!)

  • I. Laughing guys! Well that fired up the debate R! Ok Im happy to fight my corner mathematically. It is tricky at what point does life go from being a bag of inert chemicals to being alive. Clearly the chemistry even when it isnt something has possibility of being something. So why should not the apparently inert chemicals in the essential oil not have the possibility of being something again? So I can argue mathematical possibility! An amino acid isnt so far removed chemically from a simple hydrocarbon such as are found in essential oils with a nitrogen atom replacing the carbon but if thats all thats needed to get life going why not talk about life force?
    I. Yeah M caesium atoms vibrate they set the clocks by them (running away now!)
  • I. Well I may as well let off all the fireworks at once. terpenes have been produced from the date of the very first single celled life on earth, essential oil components and their relations in the biochemical pathways they are derived from not only serve plants they serve all life from the dawn of life perhaps as single celled plants clustering around volcanic vents in the ocean or wherever life got started. Clearly though the extracellular purposes that essential oils as we know them serve only came in when life moved out of the polar world of the watery oceans into the form of air dwelling plants and animals and then only really got going in the last 40 million years. (just heading off the what came first the chicken and egg argument Robert!)
  • And look at the latest wonder ingredient Lycopene, what is it but 8 isoprene units. Maybe God is in the electrochemistry of the isoprene unit. I am sure there are wierder universes out there!
  • R. Ian, not sure where your mathematical argument comes in LOL. My area of expertise in grad school was quantum mechanics and typically when you say you want to make a mathematical argument it requires the use of mathematical equations. In fact, a mathematical argument requires no use of English at all, I much prefer these types of arguments because they are completely devoid of subjectivity, math is math, its the only exact science. Anyway, your missing the whole point of the analogy in the first place. The question is not a question of "would it be possible if circumstances were right" but its a simple matter what ACTUALLY IS THE CASE. By saying that essential oils are the LIFE FORCE of the plant you are implying that the oils are the force behind what created and gave life to the plant. The truth is that the plant came into existence BEFORE the essential oil started being produced. The plant then at some point in its life cycle started producing the essential oil and excreting it as an end product of its metabolism. If you want to use this kind of airy fairly language then one would have to say that the PLANT is the life force behind the essential oil LOL. There is no way around the FACT that the oils are waste product of the plant. Now given, they are a very USEFUL waste product to the plant. Furthermore, in your argument above you basically admit that essential oils are an inanimate collection of molecules (they are not inert, I assume thats not what you meant). How does a collection of molecules constitute a force? The essential oil is no more the life force of the plant than my sweat is my life force. Something does not have to be glamorized in order to be extremely useful to humans. But if people want to market the oils this way or if it makes them feel better to think about them this way then thats fine, I just thought some people at least, would appreciate knowing the truth so they don't sound like moonies when they talk about the oils to people who know a little bit about science. When we want to assign a collection of chemicals as the life force behind anything, aren't we minimizing the true life force? The true life force of the plant, as well as everything living, is God himself. If you don't believe that, then try disproving it LOL

    I. Exactly, if god is in the Isoprene unit!
    But seriously it is a pretty amazing thought that life is basically non polar at least in structure, if it werent life would just dissolve into water. So life is an oil + proteins, sugars and the other things.
  • I will admit I did put a few red lines through our diploma lecture notes hallowed as they are but Im not getting out the red pen on this one!
  • Think I'll stick to the good old fashioned energetic imprint for now

    "We each have a default emotion. You know people you would describe as a pissed off individual, or negative, or sad, depressed, or really happy all the time. Let’s call this their default emotion.
    Emotions have a vibrational frequency that radiate out from a person, which is why people ‘feel’ good or bad to you before you even touch them. A person’s live cells carry their frequency" Urban Dictionary
  • I cannot be as sure about life as you are Ian. I don't know exactly what it is. I think its way more than just a collection of chemicals. Scientists cannot even agree on what constitutes life. But we have a law in science called the Law of Biogenesis, which says that life only comes from life. This law has never been observed to be broken, and yet the atheist has to break it in order to have a way to explain the beginning of life. I am a pretty hard core scientist but this fact I cannot get around, no God is even more irrational of a belief than the belief in God. So I am forced to believe in the lesser of two irrationalities. There is a spark necessary to turn inanimate chemicals into something more. I suspect this spark is something that mankind will never figure out and never be able to touch, if we could then we would be God.
  • I Yes the very first bacteria cell and even then to spring fully formed into existence given what we know of the complexity of the most primitive of life form. nah I am with you on that one. Suggesting there is not a creator is absurd. Still given that the molecules in my body were formed in an exploding star long ago who is not to say that first bacteria cell did not begin life elsewhere in the universe so the quest for the origin of essential oils constituents goes on!
  •  I While we are at it lets deal with something else which I agree is a bit messed up in the aromatherapy world. Intuition is not the same thing as emotion. That is dealt with by a differant part of the brain and serves a differant purpose. Intuition is the calculation, a cool mathematical one, informed by progressive experience of the evidence of our own eyes and senses of the possibility of there being something. Whether it be lunch or an aromatherapy blend to suit the infinite worth of the individual. this does involve a feeling for and sensitivity to the life force within ourselves and others.  Intuition is reasons highest expression as it admits the possibility of there being something where there appears a sufficient and impenetrable barrier to new and useful knowledge.

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