Thursday, 27 December 2012

Personal care ingredients

Your Shirley Price Personal Care Ingredients
We are choose our ingredients carefully.  Over the years there has been very little change to the functional elements, the essential oils, of our formulations as they have been successful in getting results and it is results which count!!.  
Because our products are water based it is necessary to include an antimicrobial system where our goods are offered for retail.  We are phasing out the parabens system in favour of more modern antimicrobial systems.  However the essential oils in our formulations are themselves potent antimicrobials meaning we can minimise the synthetic ingredients necessary.   
We offer organic base creams made of botanical ingredients.  Your Shirley Price Essential oils can be added and simply stirred in.  Or the organic base creams and lotions can simply be enjoyed on their own as cleansers to remove makeup and moisturise fragrance free,

We offer aloe vera gels for their outstanding results and the fact that they work even better with essential oils that carriers and white lotion.

 We say

'NO' to ANIMAL TESTING' We do not test our products on animals.  The products are carefully formulated with safety in mind.  A little essential oil goes a long way and there is simply no need for unsafe dosages.

'NO' to SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES We only ever use pure essential oils and absolutes.

'NO' to SLS/SLES We use alternative cleansing and foaming agents, such as ALS, derived from coconut oil, to deliver mild foam that is kind to the skin.

'NO' to PARABENS Where practical we do not use the parabens system however a little of our formulations only is required for example for daily skincare of an oily skin.  So little a bottle can last four years!  In these applications we therefore retain parabens as being of no measurable risk and for their effectiveness.  We also provide the alternatives for our customers who require them.  The alternatives that we use just as effective in terms of microbiological/challenge testing, in the shorter term.

'NO' to ANIMAL INGREDIENTS We do not use animal derived ingredients other than,beeswax which is a firm favourite of ours and our customers!,

'YES' to NATURAL and ORGANIC We do go natural and organic wherever possible.This sometimes means not including a synthetically derived product which does have researched benefits.  However our principle is to produce botanical skincare which is as natural as possible confident that the essential oils they contain provide a harmless active ingredient which is sufficient for results.

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