Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Workbook

The Aromatherapy workbook is an inexhaustible store. You can sympathise with GPs who say I have only time to keep pace with allopathic treatments. However to dismiss as unscientific complementary therapies because GPs lack the interest or time gives scientifically wrong information to the public. There is no limit to scientific curiosity but there is limited time! For classic western medicine to work the doctor has to be in command of all the information and the patient can be in ignorance needing only to supply their symptoms to receive the appropriate treatment. The system works well for western lifestyles and is adapted to the limited time a doctor has and the limited time a patient has. In fact the doctor only needs to spend sufficient time with their patients to gather information on the symptoms. The doctor then prescribes the chemical information which the patient needs or surgery is used to clear a physical blockage. The eastern idea that important information is within the patient and not the doctor is rather scary to some! Most doctors have always been fascinated at their own good health despite a lifetime of treating peoples illness.We now know the mind is not limited to the skull and the mind and body are intimately connected chemically and energetically so mental attitudes and experiences good and bad can have a physical effect. Knowledge of individual bioenergy and what can affect or augment it is increasing all the time.So we find the mind, body and spirit too are one and certain spiritual practices can improve our health and happiness and longevity. Certainly the practice of aromatherapy is the best antidote to any lack of curiosity. Dr Valnet had a phrase 'there is nothing less scientific than to deny the evidence of our own eyes!'.Your practice is giving you that evidence.


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