Monday, 25 July 2011

Peripheral neuropathy

  • Hi Ian - Thanx for responding as quickly as you have :). I have already enrolled in the SPICA distance learning course, and received a kit that is slightly different to the link in your reply above. Still good. In relation to which oils for my husband I also wrote a further note to you. Shall I ask Sarah this question? Cheers and Ta 
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  •  I'll ask here and respond on that by message. A lot of active men in their fifties for the first time encounter distressing health conditions which require daily pills from the doctor and medical management almost for the first time. On the mental aspects confidence is often knocked and concentration can suffer as men are concerned not only for themselves but for their dependents. The oils can help with this to complement the medical management but as medicine may be prescribed for diabetes and heart best check with the doctor his views of essential oils in massage. However essential oils by inhalation for the mental aspects for example in a natural cologne should be fine. This is a helpful link for the diagnosed condition http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go​v/pubmedhealth/PMH0001619/Does your husband use chemicals in your business? Diabetes is another likely cause of nerve damage. Any man in their fifties with blood pressure and cholesterol symptoms should have a serious treadmill test which really pushes the heart to check for early signs of coronary heart disease eg a blocked artery or subbranch of an artery. This may be contributing and be the real root of the problem. Medical imaging is now excellent and he wont regret investigating this.
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