Sunday, 24 July 2011

Essentially oils - a thankyou

Essentially Oils of Chipping Norton Oxfordshire ceased trading in June 2011 following the illness of its Director Charles Wells.  Besides wishing Charles Wells a speedy personal recovery I would just like to say a thankyou for fifteen years of excellent service to aromatherapy.  Essentially Oils was the firm I turned to whenever a customer sought an oil, carrier or hydrolat which was not on the Shirley Price product list and for advice on product testing.  Charles wrote many articles on essential oils and a valuable newsletter.  I am sorry to see these articles are not available online now as I enjoyed dipping into these.  Charles enthusiasm and experience and that of his family was much appreciated at Shirley Price Aromatherapy and will be much missed.



  1. They obviously had financialproblems for over a year - and what a pity that they carried on taking money off people's cards right up to the last minute...

  2. I guess my money is gone then, I have been waiting for a 500 pound refund, real nice of them!!

  3. I am in touch with the Accountants so let me know and I can put a claim in for you.

  4. I realised something was wrong when I didn't receive my order. Lets have a little compassion and think about the well being of Charles, Jan, Justin and the rest of the team who were always pleasant and helpful. Any one of us could be in this position in this economic climate.

    I will miss the newsletter with its introductory "banter". It brought a smile to my face. Thank you Charles for your musings and knowledge.

    Jim and Avis at Auld Wayes wish you all well.

  5. I wish Charles all the very best and hope that the rest of the team can put something else together.

    I too loved the oils and the newsletter.
    { Firstly I'd like to apologize for the anonymous bit, its just that I don't know how to do any of the others hence why I've included my name at the bottom }.

    Finding another company with the quality of oil will be hard.

    You will be sadly missed.

    Wishing all the very best,

    Tina Mason ( Nee Sale )

  6. I was saddened when I attempted to order oils and found the site had not been updated. Thank you Shirley for your comments. I was also a fan and follower of Essentially oils and am having a difficult time finding another provider with such quality, variety and service. They are sorely missed.
    An aromatherapists

  7. So sad to read this. Wishing Charles, Family and Team all the best for the future. Thank you for your services and the wit and wisdom that the newsletter gave to us all.


  8. I also had a problem in my order but after a few calls I was refunded, but not without stress. Sad for Charles, but does anyone knows how is he?
    Beatriz Yoshimura

  9. Also sad to discover that EO has ceased trading - I have just started using oils again - loved the newsletters too. Anyone know how Charles is?
    And anyone suggest a new supplier? I want the oils for candlemaking and refuse to use artificial scents - YACK!
    thanks and please email to if you can help.

  10. I've been hoping for an update as I too miss Charles, his newsletters and service. And the products. Shirley, I have a big stash of past newsletters which I've been loath to throw away (depite house move) as they contain so much good info. But I'd be willing to pass them on to a really good home. They are heavy, though!

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  12. Hello Jill,
    I also was saddened to hear of the illness that resulted in Charles closing down his Essentially Oils website. I eagerly looked forward to receiving his monthly newsletters each month since 2002. They were full of information of new oils on the market that I had never heard of previously.I also loved turning over to the back page to see what oils were on special offer for the month in order to tempt me to purchase them at a reduced price!!! I NEVER had any problems with my orders over the 10 years that I was a subscriber. I have found nothing since that comes up to the standard of his newsletters despite looking everywhere.
    I would be interested in purchasing the newsletters that you have for sale. If you live within a 20 mile radius of Dartford, Kent then I would be happy to call-collect in order to save on postage costs etc.
    You can contact me by e-mail at and let me know.
    I look forward to hearing from you Jill,
    Slainte and Good Health,
    LIAM Hayes.

  13. I too was so very sad to discover this news.How very blessed we were to have these chaps offer such a fabulous service for so many years.So dedicated and willing to go that extra mile to gather information.I was 1 of those who got excited re:the last page also Liam!& the antics with the creatures etc-I still have as far as I am aware ALL my newsletters from approx 94 until the last 6 months or so,of which I received none-so if anyone is willing to do 'swapsies' with me to complete my collection-email away! Also,if anyone finds somewhere equal or nearly as good as to order from I would be very eager to know.If you read this dear Charles&co-I wish you&yours all the best for your future&thankyou for all that you gave over the years.I for one,was truly grateful!x ;-)

  14. A little late to come on here. However, when I was studying & practising aromatherapy about 2000/2003, I got all my supplies from Essentially oils, loved my newsletters etc, and the occasional conversation on the phone, as did my sis in Scotland. If you can read this Charles, thanks for the quality oils, your wit, charm and humanity. Love Mxx

  15. What a sadness it is that this company is no longer trading, I feel very sorry for the poor family and staff. Their products were wonderful as was their service (information & shipping). I am now using Natural By Nature whose products are good, started by Franceza Watson many years ago, the company is now run by her son. You can find them on

  16. I too loved those newsletters and really miss the company for buying my oils, which I am just restarting to use. I will try Natural by nature - thank you for the information. Does anyone know how Charles is?