Friday, 10 December 2010

What a breath of fresh air this book is.  It should encourage everyone to enjoy the aromas of essential oils and experiment with their own perfumes.

I spend everyday among the aromas of 150 essential oils.  Each has its own many components and is a perfume in its own right.

My favourite is of course Rose whether from Bulgaria, Iran, Morocco or Turkey.  The mood changing effects of vetiver, immortelle and high altitude lavender are surely strong enough to stand on their own without the addition of synthetic aroma chemicals.

Essential oils can lighten mood but there are very versatile.  Some essential oils can also calm as well as inflame passion and are often a wise choice for a perfume for the office!

Mixed with 95% jojoba essential oils can play their many tunes.  Marvellous research at the University of Warwick has revealed many of the secrets of aromas as researchers try to visit artificial 'noses' for example to provide early detection of cancer.

Aromas are not only useful.  They are art.
The Center of Olfactory Art dedicated to scent as an art form is at the Museum of Arts and Design.
The center will present its first exhibition, "The Art of Scent, 1889-2011" in November 2011, examining the reformulation and innovation of olfactory works by some of history's best-known perfumers through 10 seminal scents.  Find out more.  


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