Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Body Slender in Fatland

"The Body Slender in Fatland" that was my essay theme today, dont ask me why I just woke up with that title. I must need a holiday! so which essential oils are of most use in controlling appetite? and (I hate to say it) helping have the sheer willpower to just skip meals when the pounds go on (unhealthy I know). Some celeb clients who depend on their physical appearance being right for the camera swear by inhaling Fennel, is that your or others experience? Is avocado of help?.. either the fruit itself (great in masks) or in a cream?
We have all had experiences with body weight, both our own and other peoples. 
A key part is replacing snacking with other ritual activities.  You can replace snacking with snacking on something else but it is better to tackle the snacking between meals and eliminate it.  For example by taking out a bottle of lavender oil and sniffing it or placing a couple of drops in a diffuser.  Soon the craving the be replaced in the memory with differant associations enabling you to control the calorie intake.  Sniff yourself slim?


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