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WORKSHOP AND CPD DAYS for Shirley Price Aromatherapy 2011

Besides the private aromatherapy diploma tuition, distance learning and residential aromatherapy diploma tuition we have an active program of complementary therapy and cosmetology courses.
Venue is 55 Station Road Hinckley
Course Tutor Jan Benham

WORKSHOP AND CPD DAYS for Shirley Price Aromatherapy 2011

Introduction to Aromatherapy.
Discover the essential world of aromatic oils. What are essential oils? How are they are obtained? How can you tell if they are 100% pure? What is the difference between therapeutic grade and the rest?
Blend and mix to your hearts delight, create your own recipes. Learn about the various effects of these essences, both physically and psychologically, the application of essential oils and safety                   considerations, plus information on the most useful essential oils and carrier oils.

Course date Jan 12th, 

Course fee £90 pounds

Reflexology and Aromatherapy for the elderly.

Venue:  Hinckley
Tutor: Jan Benham

Using Reflexology, Thai massage and Aromatherapy techniques to improve the circulation throughout the body
Geared for treating the elderly, this treatment is especially helpful for swollen ankles and legs, knee problems, and varicose veins. Balancing and relaxing the entire body from head to toe.
Course date: Jan 13th

Course fee:  £90

Neck and shoulder release.


This workshop teaches massage of the neck and shoulders focusing on relaxation techniques.
Also included is posture alignment with gentle stretching exercises, specific areas of concern will be addressed with essential oil therapy

Course date:  Feb 26th 

Course fee: £90

Cellulite and Detox


A fun filled spa  two days where the participants receive and give each other the following treatments, algae and aromatherapy body wraps plus body scrubs. You will be making cellulite and fat reduction creams, oils , lotions and bath saltys. There will be weight loss and body shaping programs given along with slomming massage and nutritional tips
Course dates:  Feb 27th and 28th 

Course fee:  £180

Absolutely Fabulous Abs



This workshop focuses on reshaping the stomach and waistline with massage, exercise. Compresses and essential oil therapy. But, it is not all about fat, health issues of the digestive tract such as constipation will also be covered.

Course date: March 1st 

Course fee: £90

Qi drop therapy
Qi drop therapy is a method of applying neat essential oils to the spine, legs and feet using acupressure, massage and compress techniques to bring balance to the whole system. It works on energy alignment, the movement of Qi throughout the body, straightens the spine and fights viruses. Qi drop therapy incorporates the use of 13 essential oils/blends of therapeutic strength.

Course date: March 3rd 

Course fee:  £95 pounds

Creamy craft of cosmetic making

Tired of using commercial cosmetics that bathe your body in chemicals and wreck havoc on your skin? In this fun but practical workshop, learn how to make your own creams, lotions, lip balms, ointments. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to make something different, and at the end of the class we will share the results. Find out how to mix the essential oils to discover the cream that reflects you.
Course date: March 4th 

Course fee: 125 pounds

Advanced Holistic Facials leading to a Aroma Cosmetology Diploma

Pre requisite: -Aromatherapy module 4 or Beauty Therapist/specialist


Designed for the student who is just starting out to the professional  Aromatherapist who wants to expand her practice and add new dimensions to her work. This course allows for treatment control without having to rely upon specific brands, with the making up of your own preparations and products. Learn how to rely less on machines and take a holistic  approach, with the use of special massage techniques and essential oils.
Practical: you will be taught a full cleanse, the use of  compresses and steam, how to set up a treatment room, filling out client record sheets, a full 20 minute face and shoulder massage using both eastern and western techniques, and treatment with masks.
Theory:  the basic principles of skin care, analysis of skin types, carrier oils, and the most common essential and carrier oils used in treatment.
Also covered aroma solutions for skin care, with   emphasis on anti ageing treatments, clinical and home care treatments for teenage acne, eczema, acne rosacea, and sensitive skin, our famous  neck and skin firming treatments. Plus the blending and mixing of essential oils in creams, lotions, oils, masks (including fruit facials) and compresses.

Course dates: May 16th to May 20th   

Course fee:  5 days £450

Hot Stone massage



Hot stone treatment combines the use of hot and cold stones with Swedish massage strokes. Chakra awareness is increased through stone placement and the use of essential oils. This treatment is extremely grounding and provides an unforgettable mind, body and spirit connection.
This is a course that will suit both students who are just starting out to   holistic practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge.
You will learn the 12 meridians and the basic techniques that are used doing massage with the basalt stones. Care and maintenance of the stones, gathering techniques and temperature levels will also be  covered
Course dates:  May 23rd and May 24th 

Course fee £180




Polarity is the science of balancing the life energy in the body. The entire body is viewed as an energy field with specific circuits and patterns or currents. These  currents originally built the body and continue to operate until we leave it. Disease occurs when these currents short-circuit or get blocked by our emotions and stress, pollution, the world we live in etc. All body currents have an electric charge, either positive, negative or neutral. By understanding the relationships of the different currents and their charges, we can then proceed to balance them with our mind, body and spirit. This accomplished by the gentle contact of our hands, using love, positive thoughts and attitudes, manipulations, exercise and diet.
In this course you will learn about the five elements ether, air, fire, earth and water, how to activate and balance them with gentle manipulations. This course gives added understanding to why the body works the way it does, why does one person respond to Thai yoga massage, whilst another person needs gentle lymphatic drainage massage or Qi drop therapy?
May 25th and 26th 

Course fee £180

The art of soap making 



Join Jan, for a class in making Aromatherapy, herbal and vegetable based soaps. Together we shall make an excellent basic herbal soap recipe and a batch of surprise exotic soap. We shall explore different ingredients, methods and sources that you might use to make a variety of exciting soaps. Learn some troubleshooting tips, a few historical tidbits and some ways of decorating /icing your soaps. Please bring your most outrageous apron and cool eye protection (sunglasses will do).
May 27th 

Course fee £90

June 4th Module 4

Natural mineral makeup


Come and learn how to make your own mineral makeup,  using all natural ingredients. Let Jan show you healthy     alternatives to the toxic chemicals that are present in most mainstream cosmetics. Why risk long term health problems or allow these chemicals to dry and damage your skin? In comparison, mineral makeup nourishes your skin whilst   enhancing your looks.

There are two workshops; natural makeup and mineral makeup. In the mineral makeup workshop you'll learn how to make your own natural foundation, blushers and eye shadows. In the natural makeup workshop you’ll learn how to make your own mascara, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye and lip  pencils.

Imagine the pleasure of wearing makeup crafted specifically to enhance your features. Imagine the satisfaction of making cosmetics. Imagine the security of knowing you’re applying healthy substances onto your skin.

Turn these skills into an enjoyable hobby, as you create   cosmetics for family and business, giving them unique and treasured gifts. This could even be the start of a business  opportunity if you want to turn craft into cash.
Mineral makeup class June 7th 

Course fee £95
Natural makeup class June 8th 

Course fee £95

Thai reflex and foot massage


TUTOR JAN BENHAM                                    

Join us in a workshop that incorporates the use of  thai reflexology and foot massage. Here you will learn how to use acupressure techniques on the feet that balance and tone internal organs and bring balance to the whole body. Besides the healthy stuff, this is a fun way to relax and release stress.
June 19th 

Course fee: £90

Thai Yoga Massage level 1 

Venue: Hinckley


 Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art form that can be traced back to India 2,500 years ago. It is a  holistic therapy that is commonly called  “yoga for lazy people” as complex stretches are used. It has the properties of yoga, shiatsu, reflexology and acupressure all rolled into a flowing form. Students will learn how to perform a full massage in the Northern Traditional Thai Massage style. Positions learned: supine and sitting.
Dates:  June 20th to 24th 

Course fee £450



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