Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Courses at the Farncombe Estate with Julia Baker

Julia is a highly qualified and experienced clinical aromatherapist with her own practice at home in Lapworth Warwickshire. Her work includes treating clients with a variety of conditions, doing massage in the workplace, teaching short courses and giving talks to groups. Julia is a member of the International Federation of Clinical Aromatherapists and chairwoman of one of their regional groups. She coordinates regular training meetings for them. Julia holds a qualification as an Aromatologist. This more medical use of essential oils involving neat topical application and internal use is unusual in the UK but well known in France. Practitioners of aromatology need detailed knowledge of essential oil chemistry and of safe blending techniques.
For more information about Julia Baker visit www.juliabakeraromatherapy.com

Below is a list of the courses that Julia teaches.

23 Apr 2011

Top to Toe - Learn Two Styles of Massage

24 Jul 2011

Mixing and Massaging - Fun with Aromatherapy Oils and Massage Skills

14 Oct 2011

The Luxury of Massage

26 Nov 2011

Make your own Potions, Indian Head Massage, Back massage

Other Courses That Julia Has Run

21 Nov 2010

Free Christmas Craft Workshop: Essential Oils for Winter

23 Oct 2010

Aromatherapy & Massage Day: Mixing and Massaging V fun with aromatherapy and massage skills

12 Sep 2010

Open Day Workshop: 11.30am Discover how to do a traditional, stress relieving Indian Head Massage

13 Aug 2010

The Luxury of Massage

22 May 2010

Aromatherapy Day: Make your own Aromatherapy Lotions and Blends, Indian head Massage and Back Massage

20 Mar 2010

Aromotherapy & Massage Day: Top to Toe learn two styles of relaxing massage

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