Monday, 8 November 2010

Organic Shampoo project

I have an organic shampoo. handwash, showergel project on for an eastern european customer so I get to do all the things we have been toying with.  We use the organic bases.  The brief is fruity aroma and then the functional areas normal, oily, dry.  So its familiar territory.  One line of thinking is to drench this with 5-7 essential oils for each shampoo.  I would like to add a sythetic adldehyde but this is a wholly natural shampoo, or as near as nature as we can get.  So what would you recommend?  Rose and Jasmine are out but how about vetiver as a base?  The trouble with vetiver is that it is a very strong aroma.  You can smell little else. Here is a company who have been wrestling with balancing differant fragrances since 1854.  They recently added an organic range of oils.    Payan Bertrand

On the packaging we are using the white hdpe rectangular bottles 150ml, 200ml with gold and silver dawn and dusk) flip ups for the shampoos.  I dont think we will be printing the bottles as this is a relatively low volume production run.  Still the rectangulars look nice with a simple Soil Association logo in the bottom left and the cut out label in the middle with a backing label.

The Shirley Price classic shampoos follow simple functional lines.  For a long time we couldnt do much with the bases as a human error led to us receiving a pallet of drums instead of a single drum! We still have some left of this base which is popular in asia.

look out for our soapmaking event with Jan Benham on May 27th


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