Saturday, 27 November 2010

Polarity theory

Polarity theory is a form of alternative medicine developed by Randolph Stone.  His students were introduced to the idea that healing and disease are processes that can be described in energetic terms. Generally, healing and health are attributes of energy flowing in its natural and unobstructed state, while disease is a reflection of energy in an obstructed condition in one or more of its several levels of manifestation.  This drew on ancient traditions.

This is an interesting area of further study in energetics.  Matter and energy are interchangeable and that sameness is summarised in the simplified equation e=mc2.  Associated with matter is energy.  As far as we are able to tell all energy and all matter ultimately came from a single point which physicists describe as the big bang.  In our bodies energy flows in various ways.

Spiral currents around a central core I have come to understand more clearly lately or at least I have been able to accept the idea of a central core located in the area of the third diagram.  An understanding of this may assist for example in self image and control of disorders such as mental and physical appetite.

Randolph Stone taught five of the seven chakras, which first define the elements in the physical realm, are expressed negatively as the emotions of pride (Ether), greed (Air), anger (Fire), attachment (Water) and fear (Earth). This is the experience of humankind when the attention is directed entirely down- ward and outward into the world for the purpose of identifying the ego with the worldly creation, thinking itself the prime mover of life. In contrast, when the attention is directed inward and upward, acknowledging the source of life energy as the doer behind our experience and understanding of the world and ourselves, the passions transform into the five virtues of courage (Earth), detachment (Water), forgiveness (Fire), contentment (Air) and humility (Ether).

The fire element which is at the core is polarised between Anger and Forgiveness.  Anger is a powerful motivating force but untempered by forgiveness can give rise to obvious personal and social difficulties and perhaps even disease.  The 5 upward virtues and 5 downward emotions can be seen as lying on the path of a helix of energy.

It is difficult to visualise energy.  Most scientists like Maxwell sought to make sense of it by reference to mechanical models of cogs and wheels.  Of course this is an esoteric area but the ability to consider it may well help in our understanding of what disease is.

This can give rise to startling thoughts.  If this energy flow can be influenced then a logical consequence of this model is that disease such as a common ailment or its consequences may assist unblock these energy flows and restore balance to the body. The relationship between health and disease may be more complex than we think or be able to think.  We shouldnt stop trying at a personal and society.  Certainly it didnt do Mr Stone any harm.  He lived to be a very fit 91 year old.

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