Sunday, 4 July 2010

Henriettes Herbal

I was researching an article on how to deal with the humble horsefly when I came across this site.  Citranellal can wait until tomorrow! Wow this is the researchers dream site.

Henriette Kress is a herbalist in Helsinki, Finland.What does she do? Henriette says "I correct imbalances, using herbs in combination with diet and lifestyle changes. An herbalist can probably help you if you're feeling tired all the time, have digestive or sinus troubles, if you have recurring infections (like, for instance, cystitis), if your period's too long, short, crampy or just too much, if you can't sleep, and even if you get the flu too often to suit you. Small uncomfortable things like that, which doctors usually can't do much about."

For USD 25 or EUR 20, you can buy the current version of the site DVD. It fits all of (per April 8, 2010) as .html files onto one DVD, and it's 2.1 GB, 76597 files, and 491 directories (plus the 3074 /plants/ directories).

Sample - The British Pharmaceutical Codex.

If like me you like taking and browsing pictures of your favourite plants and drawings here is the link.  Please note for commercial use in a book you will need to pay.

Image gallery

Good links page


Rating ***** thankyou Henriette



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