Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Womens aromatherapy

Treating everyday ailments, looking after skin and hair, creating a pleasant atomosphere in the home and making the world a sensual as well as hard working place, these things traditionally fall to women.

Men simply do not have the same hormonal changes and cycles, depression, emotional turmoil, and gynecology that women do. Its easy to be sceptical of what you have no direct experience. I dont know of any female sceptics of aromatherapy though of course female doctors, nurses and scientists approach the subject with professional caution.

So I have a handicap here in that I am a man. It is difficult to write about matters not in your direct experience. It is fair to say that 95% of essential oil usage for aromatherapy is by women, 95% of aromatherapists are women. There are though distinguished male aromatherapists like Tisserand, Schaubelt, Battaglia and Mojay.

Men with a well defined purpose and imperative to work are far less prone to common ailments before the age of 50 though more and more women have breadwinning as well as nurturing roles in a society less dependant on muscle and warfare. Men have a responsibility and an interest to see to it that their homes are a happy and healthy and also remains a sensual and communicative place which is fundemental sustaining relationships and marriages.

So an interest in the traditional uses of essential oils, touch and aromas and their properties is no handicap to a man. Everyone has their own experience with essential oils and their uses and mine has been a privileged one. Numerous people from many cultures have been prepared to share their professional and personal experience as I go about my work.

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