Thursday, 15 April 2010

Focus on Hydrolats with Louise Carta MIFPA

Rose Hydrolat

Rose also is divine it smells almost exactly like a fresh rose.
Once you have smelled and tasted real rose hydrosol, you will certainly tell the difference from the many artificial rosewaters in the marketplace.
It is good for almost everything but it is highly recommended as a hormone balancer for all ages particularly when used internally in dilution.
It helps to combatPMS, cramps and moodiness.
rose oil adds and retains moisture and it is suitable for dry, mature, sensitive and skin that has lost its nautural vitality.Rose is cooling and is midky astringent so it is wonderful added to masks, steams and compresses or even add it to your favourite beauty product for boths its frangrance and effects!!
Try rose hydrosol in desserts, beverages and also in a glass of champagne!!!

Rose Iced Tea
1 cup of fresh mint, chopped
1 organic orange,sliced
1 Organic lemon, sliced
1 cup of English Breakfast tea
1 tablespoon of Rose hydrolat
2 tablespoons of honey
1 litre of springwater
Put mint leaves in a jug and use a wooden spoon to bruise them against the sides. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight and serve over rose hydrosol ice cubes.


This floral, fruity, refreshing hydrolat is one of the most complex-smelling hydrosols.
The flavour is sweet but almost too perfumed to drink neat but diluted it is unbelievable and must be tried!
Neroli is a fantastic anti-stress and calming agent so it is a perfect chioce for hyperactive childern, babies and even adults and can be used both topically and internally for this purpose.
It is an excellent digestive aid and can help relieve heartburn and reflux.
For the skin neroli is a wonderful treatment for delicate sensisitive and oily skin and is very helpful for acne or irritations of the skin.
Use in face masks with clay and honey for the ultimate in luxury.
It is delicious in sweets and beverages, with fruit or in jam and preserves.

Buck's Fizz

Brut champagne or sparkling wine
freshly squeezed orange juice
Neroli hydrolat
Fill champagne flutes one-third full with orange juice, add two to three spritzes of neroli hydrolat, and top up with champagne and enjoy!!!

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