Monday, 5 April 2010

Mens aromatherapy

May I introduce James to the Sp blog who joined us in spring 2009. Here he is a few weeks old and taking an interest in the world of polo. A dash of lavender at bathtime has been very relaxing for him and made bathtime a delight. Fresh jojoba applied after nappy change has eliminated any soreness. I am a new man and play my part in looking after him (between chukkas!). I do enjoy time with James and do my bit.

Mens skin is never more sensitive when a baby. Aromatherapy seeks to minimise the use of cosmetics by both men and women with plant oils replacing damaging synthetics. It is important to minimise the use of sythetics and essential oils in children under 6 and to always test for sensitivity.

Some essential oils are hormone mimicking and should not be used around young boys. Always seek the advice of a trained aromatherapist before applying essential oils to the skin. these days local authorities run classes on baby massage and the practicioners there can advise on the safe use of essential oils.

Among older boys when playing sport the use of geranium is valuable if they are too aggressive and getting into trouble.

Mens skin is not sensitive to the hormonal changes that female skin is and there is more scope for eliminating cosmetics altogether for most men. To the despair of our distributors and shareholders when asked about mens shaving oil I replied why bother? Men can gain a really close shave by shaving in the shower with not a cosmetic in sight. Just a trick learned in the navy. (Thankyou for helen's husband for this tip).

Talking of the military I remember as a young university officer cadet being on military parade and being inspected by the Queen Mother. I could not help it my eyes moved when she arrived(!). This was a lady who inspired the what we have in the world for an international settlement that has lasted 65 years and god willing will last for 100 years.

I do not accept that we in England lecture other nations in democracy when our own is not in the best of shape and there is a lack of commitment to the United Nations process. To my mind if there are two candidates for a post then that is the essence of democracy and that is the case in most of the world these days. It is sometimes easy to forget that democratic Athens was the size of the small locality I live in. Yet Athens had the energy and foresight to launch 100 triremes powered by male muscle against an army and navy of incredible size even by modern standards.

To improve muscular performance the greeks believed in what Celsus a roman writing at Romes peak called massage and what we call strapping. This is used today in preparing performance horses like racehorses.

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