Friday, 4 May 2012

SP Fragrance Packaging notes

There are hundreds of perfume launches a year here are some notes.

a design for SP would probably include the Hansom cab, a Hinckley icon

Made in England

probably SP woman, SP man as perfumes

SP's home town - Hinckley

HINCKLEY 1500-1800
During the 16th century and 17th century Hinckley prospered and its population grew. This was despite outbreaks of the plague in 1626 and 1666. By the early 17th century Hinckley probably had a population of about 1,000. By 1700 the population had risen to about 2,000.
Hinckley was changed forever in 1640 when the first stocking frame was brought to the town. Making stockings soon grew into the dominant industry in Hinckley.
Hinckley was a prosperous market town famous for making hosiery. The population grew rapidly and it reached 5,158 by 1801. By the standards of the time Hinckley was a respectably sized town. Meanwhile the Great Meeting was built in 1722. In 1771 John Wesley visited Hinckley and called it 'one of the civilest towns I have seen'.
In the first half of the 19th century Hinckley grew little. The population rose only slightly to 6,177. In the later 19th century the hand frames were replaced by steam powered frames in factories and Hinckley boomed. The population grew to over 11,000 by 1900.
There were a number of improvements to Hinckley during the 19th century. Ashby canal opened in 1804. In 1862 Hinckley was connected to Nuneaton by railway. In 1863 the railway was extended to Leicester. Furthermore the first Hansom cab was made in Hinckley in 1835. The hansom cab took its name from the architect Joseph Hansom (1803-1882). Soon hansom cabs became popular all over Britain.
  • Of the five senses, smell is the only one that has a direct pathway to the brain.
  • Smell is our only sense that's initially processed in the limbic lobe - the brain's emotional center.
  • The brain stores information about aroma in the same part of the brain where memory is stored and where emotions and impulses are processed. This is why aromas are so powerful in triggering memories.
  • Aromas make a beeline to the' emotions and can be key factors in perception and in triggering nostalgic memories.
  • The psychology of scent is receiving increasing attention

is you feel inspired to take a detailed course in natural perfumery these range from one day in the factory to this excellent course

and to study perfumery in the great style of Versailles


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