Tuesday, 29 May 2012

EO Adulteration

 "There are numerous analytical methods to determine whether an oil has been adulterated such as the measurement of: 1.Unstable C-14,2. Stable C-13:C-12 ratio and D:H ratio, 3. Site Specific Natural Isotope Fractionation (SNIF-NMR), 4.Identification of Foreign Components, 5. Quantification of Hydrocarbon or oxygenated component , 6. For Citrus oils quatification of oxygenated heterocyclic compounds, 7. Selected ion monitoring of MS of known impurity found in added synthetic component, 8. Component ratios, 9. Chiral GC analysis, 10 Any combination of the above.
Chrality means the optical activity of organic compounds. GC columns have been developed to separate S and R isomers of organic compounds. Optical activity measurement requires the isolation of the component in question. There is published information on which column to use and the order of elution of the S and R isomers for many of the common components of essential oils."

Brain Lawrence, LinkedIn Correspondence

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