Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma 16-20 January Hinckley

Day One

AM Introduction to Aromatherapy, definition, history, effects, storage, basic properties, uses of essential oils, carrier oils properties. Homework

PM Practical, Female model.  Aromatherapy blending practical exercise one, practical exercise two. Aromatherapy facial cleanse and tone on a model. making toners with hydrolats for dry and oily skin. Restorative moisturiser cream.

A highlight for me was for the four students each making the same blend and then comparing their impressions of their own and others blends and the success of differant blending techniques. very motivating.  

Nice observable introduction to essential oils, energy and behavioural kinesiology (though we did not mention the words!).

Day Two

AM Theory Handouts History, Essential Oils, Aromatic Blending, Materia Aromatica profiles. A&P Theory.

PM Practical Male model.  Towels and screens, A&P practical. Back Massage - effleurage (effleurer - to touch lightly) pettrisage. Shoulder Massage. Revise cleanse and tone.

Todays highlight was using yesterdays blend in massage.  We are building to a full 2 hour aromatherapy massage treatment with cleanse, facepack, tone and moisturise.

Day Three

Theory AM. Blending exercise. Therapeutic cross reference chart. Carrier oils. PM Practical scalp massage meridian lines and points. Back of legs massage. Using the day one massage blend. Putting it together. Cleanse and tone. Back massage. Back of legs massage. Turnover. Moisturise. Shoulder massage. Scalp massage.

Day Four 

Theory AM.  The aromatherapy consultation.  identifying conditions.  Tips for practice.  PM Practical Front of leg massage,  Foot massage. Putting it all together in a 10 step aromatherapy treatment.

Day Five

Theory AM.  PM Practical.  10 step aromatherapy treatment.  In the final practical session you make your own Cleanser, Toners, White Lotion and cream.  Ingredients Lannette wax, Fractionated cooconut oil.  Distilled water.  Grapefruit extract.  Course Completion certificates.

Module One runs monthly.  Next  Module One in February, This class Module Two in  March.

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