Friday, 13 January 2012

The Science of Frankincense


Michael Dell'Orfano 
Interesting that they say the connection of Frankincense being psychoactive is poorly understood. It seems pretty simple and straightforward to me. I have been fortunate to study with the amazing Dr. Berkowsky, who writes that Frankincensebinds to THC receptors in the body after it has been inhaled. If it binds to and activates these receptors, than wouldn't the mechanism be fairly similar to when one smokes or ingests cannabis and binds to these same receptors to cause changes in the brain. I assume their have been studies done on cannabis and its psychoactive components, so I bet it works in much the same way. Also, it is interesting to note that if you put a drop of pure Frankincense on a blotter strip and track its scent for 10 or more days, you will notice it starts to smell strikingly like cannabis around day 5 or 6 for the next several days of tracking the scent.

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