Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How safe are candles? - Why Sp offer electrical diffusers

Candles around children are a hazard but children should not miss out.  An aromatherapy diffuser nightlight allows children to also benefit from the use of essential oil and scent safely. We are not giving up on our soy candles for special occasions though.

Dr Weil writes....Candles are a convenient, inexpensive way to add ambience, calm and serenity to a home or office throughout the year. Their warm, soothing touch creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere. For everyday indoor use, you should opt for unscented candles. Some researchers note that unscented candles create less soot than scented varieties - over time this soot can accumulate in lungs and cause respiratory problems. Scented candles may also contribute to indoor pollution. I suggest candles made of unscented beeswax, which are just as beautiful and cozy as artificially scented varieties.

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