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An aromatherapy supply company must provide first class carrier oils in 125ml to 25kg quantities.  Many are attracted into the aromatherapy business thinking they just have to buy a quantity of essential oils and then realise that the clients of massage therapists judge them equally on the quality of their carrier oils. That said some aromatherapists do an excellent job hunting out small distillers of rarer oils or distilling their own oils and hydrolats.

Not everyone likes storing and toting around 200kg carrier oil barrels either! Nor is this the sort of business that can be done from home.

Most carrier oils must be cold pressed from seed and fresh.  Many of the carriers lose their skin nourishing fat soluable vitamins with 12 months after pressing.  Even Jojoba which is noted for its keeping qualities becomes lifeless as a massage oil within 18 months. 

Most of the appreciative feedback messages from new hospice and shop customers Sp gets relate to the quality of the carrier oils which have always been a key strength of Sp.

We do supply organic carrier oils but with the exception of the jojoba and the sunflower oil we find the organic oils way too expensive for most therapists and so most of the carrier oil we sell is conventionally farmed.


Carrier Oil List

96013311  Almond
96013328  Apricot
96013335  Argan
96013342  Avocado
96013359  Blackseed
96013366  Calendula

96013380  Camellia seed Oil Expressed 
96013397  Carrier oil mix
96013403  Carrot Oil
96013410  Coconut oil
96013427  Evening primrose
96013434  Flax (Linseed)
96013441  Grapeseed
96013458  Hazlenut
96013465  Hemp seed
96013472  Jojoba golden
96013489  Jojoba clear
96013496  Lime blossom
96013502  Macadamia
96013519  Melissa
96013526  Mustard
96013533  Moringa oil
96013540  Neem
96013557  Olive Oil
96013564  Passionflower
96013571  Passionfruit
96013588  Peachnut
96013595  Pomegranate
96013601  Pumpkin seed
96013618  Rosehip
96013625  Rosehip organic
96013632  Safflower
96013649  Sesame
96013656  Soya
96013663  St Johns Wort
96013670  Starflower (Borage)
96013687  Sunflower
96013694  Wheatgerm
96013700  White lotion
96013717  White Lotion Organic

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