Thursday, 31 October 2013

Training - The full body aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Students - the stars of the future
Quickly and inexpensively taken aromatherapy training is of great use personally for personal and family issues and professionally.  At Shirley Price Aromatherapy we continue to devote the first week of training to learning full body aromatherapy massage as it is our intention to provide practitioners with the training needed to make a professional contribution and living.

Massage is not appropriate to all settings for example establishments in which there is a no touch policy nonetheless the oils are able to be of measurable assistance even through inhalation on a flannel for example bringing calm and communication to a confused and anxious mind.  For those not requiring practical massage training Sp also offer a distance learning Diploma providing full notes and materials and tutor support.

Many student practitioners who come to us are already in some way professionally qualified such as nurses and midwives who have already substantial experience.   Some younger students have very little experience.  It makes for an interesting learning group.

Besides the minimum standards and curriculum provided by the Aromatherapy Consortium of learning bodies and professional associations we learn about the aspects of aromatherapy which has always made the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma the most valued worldwide qualification in aromatherapy.  The practical aspects, the skincare, the research and practical applications of essential oils and vegetable oils to maintain wellness in mind and body whether inhaled or absorbed through the skin in a carrier oil.

Many students have gone on to found their own aromatherapy businesses and author research and books and teach.  The next course begins in November 2013 and is taught at the Shirley Price Factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire LE100AN

Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA first began tutoring the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma in 1980

The alumni body is a vibrant society of friends who sponsor international lectures.  We look forward to welcoming Robert Tisserand back for a weekend in Spring 2014 to Imperial College, London.  Details of the Robert Tisserand Weekend Seminar and all course bookings from the college secretary Rosie Brandrick T: 01455 615466.

Robert brings us upto date with the extraordinary interest and progress with essential oil research.  Today our understanding of aromas is increasing fast making for better design of research to achieve predictable results above all for the impact of the aromas on the mind.

The Sp Aromatherapy Diploma is an accredited qualification, you can choose between FHT or IFPA membership. Your five weeks of classroom learning over ten months of study, self directed learning and portfolio of case studies of aromatherapy treatments is subject to independent examination of both theory and practice.At the successful conclusion of your studies you join the 6000 alumni of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy College.  The Shirley Price international College of Aromatherapy comprises satellite and associated colleges in Europe, Asia and the USA a worldwide dedicated community of learning and shared experience of essential oils.
An aromatherapy treatment consultation record 

The client therapist relationship remains the bedrock of aromatherapy and of quality and consistency in professional aromatherapy treatments and advice. Clients can observe the direct benefits of treatments such as for arthritis and joint pain or a blotchy or wart affected complexion.  If they couldnt they would not continue them and aromatherapy would not have the positive image among the public it has maintained for these four decades.

However we must keep up the standard established by our founders.  The more knowledgeable the therapist the more confidence a client will have in their treatment and that confidence in the therapist and the restoration of their personal wellbeing is at the core of aromatherapy's effectiveness.  To take a confused and bewildered individual from isolation and self harm to a feeling that they are an individual of infinite worth who deserves to be well and happy is perhaps the oils greatest gift and the therapists greatest reward.

May I wish you another enjoyable year of aromatherapy

Ian Brealey

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