Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shirley Price Everyday Aromatherapy
Shirley Price Pure and Organic Essential Oil.
Sp work hard with our suppliers to bring you the very best of essential oil.
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It is no exaggeration to say that Sp from its Hinckley, England base has set the standard in quality, purity and effectiveness in the worldwide essential oils industry for four decades as well as in Aromatherapy Training in their professional and leisure use.
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Shirley Price oil has a reputation for being the finest available and we work hard to maintain that with farmers and suppliers worldwide.  Where appropriate our oils are Organic certified and suppliers maintain international quality certification to our standards. We are also known for promoting the efforts of smaller growers and distillers.

Essential oils are mixtures of aromatic organic chemicals.  Some are really tiny. An appreciation of what oil contains which families of chemicals is helpful to the safe and effective use of essential oils as the properties of essential oils tend to follow the properties of these chemical families.
Botany and Chemistry Student Handout

Particular essential oils have an immediate and predictable impact on mood.  This is helpful in many contexts.

Pictured on the kindle edition of our day training handout Everyday Aromatherapy is Lorella Bevilacqua. Besides growing and distilling the Shirley Price Lavender from Tuscany (we also supply French and sweet Bulgarian) Lorella is a talented botannic artist whose drawings of the oils botany illustrate the Sp guide. Thanks Lorella!

Our next Aromatherapy Diploma Course begins

24th February 2013 - Friday 28th February 2014 
at Hinckley

accredited by the FHT and IFPA.

Our alumni society are very glad to present

The Robert Tisserand Weekend Seminar Spring 2014 at Imperial College London

dates to follow

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