Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aromatherapy for healing the spirit - Gabriel Mojay

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit. Just a comment which may improve the accessibility of this invaluable book. Personally if I am ever having to justify aromatherapy to a sceptical medical practioner or journalist it is the psycho-social aspects of the oils to which I point. 

Books written by massage therapists tend naturally to concentrate on the bodily oils on which their clients consult them. The sections on emotions and psycho-therapeutic aspects usually leave one feeling there is more to learn. It is important we do because 'depression' and disharmonies of the psyche is increasingly a condition which the fee earning aromatherapist is called upon to advise. 

Gabriel's insight into traditional chinese theory and practice is profoundly useful. We labour with unfamiliar concepts and names, opening and closing the book in frustration, and then like a citrus flower bursting into 5 petaled glory we come to the pages on depression. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal it is set out there. The usefulness of this system of thought with the insights into human nature and its harmonies and disharmonies are there set out simply and beautifully for us. 

Self knowledge let alone knowledge of anothers psyche to the point of becoming a fee earning professional is one of the highest goals of all knowledge and can only really come with experience - our own or benefiting by study and conversation from the experience of others. Whether a health professional looking for self care or to use the oils therapeutically this section of the book is well worth the effort we make in getting there!

Ian Brealey

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