Wednesday, 21 March 2012

CPD - Robert Tisserand Online Seminars

A new series of 6 one-hour webinars about essential oils and the skin 

April 11 Dermal absorption
April 18 Skin health & disease
April 25 Allergic reactions
May 23 Phototoxicity
May 30 Skin cancer & ageing
June 6 Healing the skin

Each session begins at 1.30 pm Pacific Standard Time (9.30 pm in the UK)


I like Sue Clarkes book which is available on the kindle so handy to pass round in class.  Chemistry without feedback from the practitioners and researchers on the constituents of the functional groups can lead you astray. GCMS does give us only the top 15 constituents and some properties ascribed to essential oils by the Congress of Grasse depend on constituents which may be there in only tiny amounts in the pure oil.  This applies particularly on the mental and mood effects involving particular smell receptors. 

As Valnet wisely said "There is nothing less scientific than to deny the evidence of our own eyes!"  That is the value of Rosemary Caddy's book the essential oils in Colour which correlates the chemistry and the effect on body systems with the feedback from the practicioners and researchers on uses.   

You can get totally blinded by science.  For example on deterpenated oils.  Some conclude as researchers used deterpenated oils there is no need for farm fresh pure oils at all.  Ok but then you look at the use the researchers were researching.  Eg Rovestri was researching psychiatric uses of the oils.  The terpenes were no of use to him for his purpose and so he used deterpenated oils.  Science is about measurement and thats valuable and of service to practitioners. 

Aromatherapists do like Joy Bowles book as it links specifically to the research. You may know the aromaresearch linking the chemistry, research and uses is a fast moving field in the UK so its as well to follow the updates particularly on Robert Tisserands site.

Ian Brealey

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