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Shirley Price Aromatherapy - February newsletter

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In this issue
The Beautiful World of Aromatherapy - Signs of Spring
Essential oil safety notes

Aromatherapy College  - whats new this month

Venue Imperial College London
Advanced - The Robert Tisserand Weekend Seminar May 12,13
Introductory - Essential Oil Science and Appreciation

Venue Hinckley
Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma with Jan Benham and Sue Jenkins

Aromatherapy Products - whats new this month

The beautiful world of aromatherapy - signs of spring
Spring is nearly here.  The iris, snowdrop and daffodil bulbs are out so the magical time of spring is not far away. I most look forward to the roses coming into bloom and the arrival of the Rose Otto later in the summer.  Did you know that the Rose is one of man's most constant companions?  The plant evolved over 40 million years ago and unlike Eucalyptus and Tea tree and some of the Citrus mankind has known the Rose since the earliest times.  In fact they were so popular in ancient china that the Emperors had to limit the cultivation of Rose Gardens so enough food would be grown!!

Essential Oil Safety  
I dont expect everyone to agree with me but I cant get my head around advocating the use of essential oils around children. Toys with essential oils are a step too far.  A vegetable oil like Jojoba on the nappy area and a drop of lavender at bathtime but nothing more. Safety has to be the first consideration. That said no one would deny a worried parent or a distraught child relief for example from whooping cough symptoms through a treatment by an experienced and qualified aromatherapist. The great value of essential oils compared to herbal treatments is their effect on the mind through mood and emotion.  Just 20 molecules are enough to stimulate the limbic brain.  The nose is that sensitive.  So inhalation of such a small amount should present few problems.  Young Living and Raindrop Therapy have their critics as the suspicion is that child treatments make good marketing stories. Tales of children being 'saved' are very resonant in marketing terms with the distribution network but I know of no validation. An advocate of Raindrop Therapy is a christian Dr David Stewart. Claims that this 'works' are hard to validate and may owe more to Dr Stewarts faith and his clients faith in him and the ritual involved. The age of miracles is past.  Nuns and monks today value the oils for their regular properties. The placebo effect in medicine is very real and well evidenced. The raindrop technique is obviously unsafe and invites potential problems from the authorities as christians (myself included) are not above the law.

Education News
I am delighted to advise you that we will be sponsoring the Robert Tisserand Weekend seminar at Room 341 Imperial College, London. May 12,13  Robert Tisserand is the acknowledge leader of aromatherapy research, thought and safety.  He will be working us hard!

Introductory Talk
I will be giving my daytalk  'Introductory Essential Oil Science and Appreciation' in May and September at Imperial College London. 

Box office
My box office with easy links to browse and book tickets is below.

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma.  
The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma class is underway with Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA and Sue Jenkins BSc MIFPA.  We will be running another module one before module two so there is time for international students to book onto the course.  Module 5 and the examination day is November 2012.  The Aromatherapy Massage

You can see details of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy College training and workshops on our website.  These now show in a convenient box making it easy to browse and book.  If you would rather talk to the College Secretary Rosie Brandrick can be reached at T:01455 615466 e:

Trade and professional users please login to
Watch out for our facebook page and blog which I keep upto date with thoughts and articles

Aromatherapy Products - Whats new this month

The Shirley Price Chamomile eyecare is a consumer eyedrop which is very popular worldwide.

You can now download MSDS sheets from the homepages 
Professional www.Shirley

George Brealey has been very busy on the tecnical side so look out the the skincare range.  Its coming along well.  Aloe vera and seaweed gel is one of our most popular lines. 

Our store is proving very popular.  We have put the chamomile eyedrops 100 pf our 244 oils into the Amazon warehouse with free next day delivery.  This is very convenient for therapists wanting to try the odd oil and is much easier administratively.  

The orderline is 01455 615466 and Gill Docherty in Customer Service will be very happy to help you with your order. 
Convenient Tradepacks and point of sale of 5x, 42x 600x items are available
We have done some label and packaging upgrades and our college kits are as ever popular.
In particular our NHS Customers now require barcoded boxes so these are now available as are the vegetable oils in 100ml glass bottles and the moisturisers in 30g glass jars

Upcoming 2012 exhibitions
See you at
Scottish Beauty March 25th Highland Centre, Edinburgh
Holistic Health May 13,14 Birmingham NEC
I will be at the College of Medicine Conference May 2 Workshop on herbal medicine, May 3 conference, see you there 
The IFA conference is 9th June, London
The FHT conference 7,8th July, Gaydon 
The IFPA conference 6 October 2012, Watford

London based customers
For a trade appointment for your practice or salon call 07747867899 for an appointment text/answerphone.  Look out for my workshop 'Introductory Essential Oil Science and Appreciation'.  Venue Room 341 Huxley Building, Imperial College London.  Dates in May and September.


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Skincare guide

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In 2012 Jan Benham teaches a number of courses in Hinckley and Brighton UK including 
the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma which has 6000 alumni worldwide

About Jan Benham
Jan Benham is a natural cosmetic formulator and instructor. She teaches courses on making natural and organic products for body, hair, and skin in person. Beginning as a mobile aromatherapist and reflexologist Jan began teaching for Shirley Price Aromatherapy in 1980.  Her case studies were included in Shirley Price's Practical Aromatherapy published in 1982.  Through her teaching and products Jan has assisted thousands in learning the art and science of making 100% botanical natural products and has taught at top spas and companies. Based in the Netherlands she teaches and consults with people in the UK, Canada and Asia.  Her clients include complementary therapists and individuals creating their own product lines. Jan is a certified aromatherapist, a fellow of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and member of IFPA.  Her professional work included Chairing the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.  She works with the teaching team at Shirley Price Aromatherapy to deliver Shirley Price Aromatherapy training in NHS Trusts.

Jan is the author of "how to" books including The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making.

Jan's passion is to teach others Holistic Beauty through making professional lotions, creams, soaps and other cosmetic products.
To learn more about Jan Benham and book a course, 
visit her website at

Kind regards
Ian Brealey
Director, Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd

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