Monday, 27 February 2012

Clinical Aromatherapy - essential oils as medicines

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James Geiger MD
this is an hourlong webinar on essential oils and their use in clinical aromatherapy. I found the review of the recent research very helpful in communications with health professionals. The medical terminology of 60 years ago used by Valnet is intelligible to therapists. However today the medical jargon and understanding of cellular level chemistry required to discuss the international scientific validation of aromatherapy treatments is not usually accessible to non scientists and non health professionals. This webinar sets it out in a very straightforward and well organised way.

Medical Aromatherapy by James Geiger MD, the oilMD from James Geiger on Vimeo.

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reflexology research links
Available for the next few days, a piece on the work of the Soil Association but the whole program is great.

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